Society Issues Health Tobacco Economic Impact
Sites about the economic impact of the tobacco industry, various tobacco policies, and the effects of using tobacco products.
Cigarette Smoking Adds Billions to Medicare Spending
Report on 1997 Medicare and overall healthcare costs in the U.S. due to cigarette smoking, based on estimates of 1993 spending.
Cigarettes Not Only Cause More Time Off Work, But Also Lower Productivity
Research summary. Estimates that tobacco products cost employers $47 billion dollars in 1990.
Costs of Employee Smoking in the Workplace
Research measures costs to employers of smoking in the workplace in Scotland.
Costs of Health Damage and Productivity Losses Attributable to Smoking in Germany
The European Journal of Public Health: scientific article.
The Global Impact of Tobacco
A look at the global costs of growing and using the crop. Written by the San Francisco Tobacco Free Coalition and the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project.
Health Care Costs of Smoking
Abstract of recent research estimates percentage of total health care costs attributable to smoking.
The Health Care Costs of Smoking
Economic analysis concludes cigarettes and other tobacco products represent about 10% of all health care costs in America.
The Health Care Costs of Smoking
Conclusions: If people stopped smoking, there would be a savings in health care costs, but only in the short term. Eventually, smoking cessation would lead to increased health care costs. The New England Journal of Medicine, October 9, 1997.
The Human and Financial Costs of Smoking
Research paper summarizes qualitative and quantitative human and financial tolls from smoking, ranging from cigarette burns, to cigarette ignited fire disasters, to caring for dying smokers and replacing their financial and social contributions to their spouses, children, grandchildren, and the tax base.
Jeffrey E. Harris, MIT Home page
Online copies of Dr. Harris's economic analyses, most dealing with costs and prices of tobacco products.
Medical Costs of Smoking in the United States
Article examines the literature available, the estimates arrived at, their validity, and their implications.
Motherless Or Fatherless Youth And Social Security Survivors Insurance Costs
Estimates cost of Social Security payments made for youths who became motherless or fatherless due to tobacco use.
Smoking-Attributable Mortality, Years of Potential Life Lost, and Economic Costs
CDC report; every pack of cigarettes costs $3.45 for medical care attributable to smoking and $3.73 in productivity losses, for a total cost of $7.18 per pack.
Smoking-Caused Fires Cost $27.2 Billion Annually
Analysis shows smoking is a leading cause of fires and death from fires globally, resulting in an estimated cost of nearly $7 billion in the United States and $27.2 billion worldwide in 1998.
Young Healthy Smokers Take Significantly More Days Off Work
Research that followed over 80,000 employees for over 2 years finds smoking has significant costs for employers, even among younger workers.
Secondhand Smoke Price Tag: $10 Billion a Year
Second-hand tobacco smoke is costing the U.S. economy more than $10 billion a year, according to recent research. (August 17, 2005)
$72.7 Billion: Smoking's Annual Health Care Cost
The total cost of caring for people with health problems caused by cigarette smoking is about $72.7 billion per year, according to health economists at the University of California. "You expect a figure of this magnitude for the impact of smoking on health care, when you consider that one in five deaths per year is due to cigarette use," said the study's author. Smoking accounted for 11.8 percent of all medical expenditures in the U.S. (September 16, 1998)
Cost of Tobacco-Related Disability Among U.S. Veterans
Economic report estimates the cost of tobacco-caused disease among currently living U.S. veterans. [PDF] (September 15, 1997)
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