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In the Mix: Smoking: The truth unfiltered
The online companion to the PBS broadcast, with resources and information for teens and educators about smoking prevention, cessation, and advertising. "Cigarettes can cause serious damage to your health right now and in the near future, not just 40 years down the line".
The Badvertising Institute -- Real life projects
Suggestions for real-life class projects from the Badvertising Institute: a tobacco tour through town, a tobacco behavior audit, tobacco marketing research, getting on the tobacco industry's mailing lists.
Death Playing Cards
Sells tobacco education playing cards designed for teens.
Effect of Ending an Antitobacco Youth Campaign on Adolescent Susceptibility to Cigarette Smoking --- Minnesota, 2002--2003
Research measures the effect of cutting funding for Minnesota's youth antitobacco campaign, while at the same time the tobacco industry increased its protobacco spending.
An Embattled Philip Morris Launches Advocacy Advertising Campaign
Analysis of Philip Morris's "Action Against Access" program.
Healthy Mississippi
Committed to teaching Mississippi's youth about the dangers of tobacco use.
It Is Time to Abandon Youth Access Tobacco Programs
Research examines youth access programs and their results, and concludes they are ineffective or even counterproductive.
Letter from the California 4-H Statewide Advisory Board
Expresses why California 4-H did not wish to "partner" with Philip Morris.
Preventing Tobacco Use and Addiction Among Young People
Offers advice to parents on helping teens understand and resist pro-tobacco forces.
Prevention of Adolescent Use of Tobacco
Abstracts from presentations at a health conference.
SAVE: Empowering Survivors of Tobacco Sickness
Survivors and Victims of Tobacco Empowerment trains survivors of tobacco-related illness to speak with children and teens in schools and community groups about what tobacco products do to their customers.
Smoke-Free Kids
Smoke-Free Kids is a collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Women's National Team, and US Soccer.
Smoking Got Me, The Story of Brandon Carmichael
Tobacco products gave Brandon Carmichael a disease that cost him his leg at age 19; he now shares his story with school groups.
Smoking Prevention
Effects of smoking cigarettes. Reasons not to smoke. Put together by high school students.
Smoking: truth or dare
Focus is on the consequences of smoking here and now, not maybe later. Here and now, smoking robs teens of their looks, nicotine addiction takes over their lives, and empties their wallets.
They're Rich, You're Dead
University of Miami School of Medicine's Tobacco Awareness Program for Community Youth. "We want you to see what we see in our hospital patients every day from the use of tobacco". Videos in MTV and science versions; interactive web-based CD-ROM; student and teacher workbooks; images and presentations in Adobe and Powerpoint formats.
The Truth
Dedicated to defending teens from tobacco companies lies and deceptions. Requires flash plugin.
Graphic material shows effects of tobacco products on the human body; text explains how smokers can and do die young.
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