The Anti-Tobacco category focuses on activities designed to influence personal behavior, public opinion, and legislation regarding tobacco products in the direction of decreased use. It includes sites related to activism, advertising, marketing, and public relations. It also includes sites offering critiques of these activities. Expect to find sites related to:

  • Activist organizations,
  • Specific campaigns,
  • "How-to" guides and information, and
  • Critiques of the actions taken by others.

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ASH-UK - Action on Smoking and Health
Resources for advocates include tobacco history, factsheets, schools resources, presentation resources, discussion, policy analysis, and an extensive analysis of the tobacco industry based on industry internal memos.
Action In The War Against Big Tobacco
Letters, press releases, and correspondence advocating for a tobacco free society. Emphasis on what ordinary citizens can do.
Action on Smoking and Health - Canada
Western Canada's leading health organization devoted solely to tobacco control and prevention.
Alliance of Boulder County on Tobacco and Health
Citizens and organizations advocating policy decisions, educational and prevention efforts to address the problem of tobacco in their communities. Provides tobacco news, issues, analysis, advocacy; factsheets and policy papers.
Presents Dr. Connie Pechmann's smoking-related research.
Individual advocate in Kentucky.
ASTHO - Tobacco Prevention and Control
Programs of the U.S. Association of State and Territorial Health Officials to raise the visibility of tobacco prevention and control issues among state health officials and their senior staff.
Breed's Tobacco Activism Guide
A comprehensive guide to the Internet for the Tobacco Control Advocate by Dr. Larry Breed, DrPH covers dozens of topics and outlines activism responses to tobacco, with an emphasis on knowledge before action.
British Medical Journal - Shareholder Actions: Changing the Behavior of Tobacco Companies and Their Allies
The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility has developed strategy for dealing with the tobacco industry and its allies by using their stock to challenge issues through shareholder resolutions.
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Working to expose Big Tobacco's lies, the Campaign reveals the truth about the deadly effects of smoking, tobacco's corporate public relations campaigns to convince the public that it is a reformed industry, and the advertising and marketing tactics tobacco companies use to entice youth as their new customers.
European Network for Smoking Prevention
Active in tobacco control in Europe.
Frontline: Interview with Stanton Glantz
Covers the Brown and Williamson papers, how they got to Glantz, what we've learned from them about the tobacco industry, how the industry tried to intimidate Glantz and UCSF to suppress them and why UCSF stood up to the industry where ABC and CBS did not.
Gayatri Pariwar
Jaipur, India based organization aims to motivate and inform people about tobacco.
Give Tobacco The Boot!
Aims to get tobacco out of rodeos; opposes deals made by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association for tobacco sponsorship of rodeos.
Globalization of Tobacco Industry Tactics as Exemplified in Switzerland
Abstract of paper; concludes "in order to be successful, anti-tobacco alliances need to recognize that tobacco control is ultimately a political battle fought in public, and not a scientific debate discussed in private"; gives examples from Switzerland.
Grand Unification Press
Sells a children's educational book entitled "Jimmie Boogie Learns About Smoking".
Grim Reaper Society/Association des Faucheuses
An accounting of Tobacco-related deaths, highlighted by the figure of death: the Grim Reaper.
International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT)
Founded in 1990 by women tobacco control leaders to address the complex issues of tobacco use among women and young girls.
Jeffrey Wigand, Ph.D.
Tobacco whistleblower whose story is featured in the movie 'The Insider'
Join the Joe Chemo Campaign!
Official site of Joe Chemo can provide the Joe Chemo costume for qualified groups and individuals to smoke up an antismoking event.
Licensed to Kill, Inc.
Parody of cigarette industry marketing makes points about how the industry makes its money.
MASCOT: Multicultural Advocates for Social Change on Tobacco
Statistics, factsheets, and discussion on tobacco policy, smokefree workplaces, retailers selling to youth, industry quotes on nicotine and addiction, and medical costs due to smoking. - See For Yourself: The Spiked PSA
A Quicktime video clip of an anti-smoking ad aired in California until it was pulled by the governor.
Nicotine Victims
Focus is on tobacco product addiction.
PIRG: Smokefree Environment Campaign
Public Interest Research Group, a consumer organization, finds that Big Tobacco does a lot that affects the public interest.
Public Citizen: Tobacco
Amicus briefs, litigation summaries, testimony, comments, and articles by Public Citizen regarding tobacco regulation, litigation, and legislation.
San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project
The San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project fights the pervasive infuence of the tobacco industry in our community. "We used to pick it -- now they want us to smoke it!"
Smokefree Advocacy
ANR and its members are involved in numerous clean indoor air campaigns around the nation. ANR action alerts give you an opportunity to take steps to protect your health and the health of your community.
A broad-based coalition fighting for smokefree workplaces.
Smoking and Islam
Asserts that Islam forbids smoking.
Smoking Facts
A collection of smoking facts, statistics, and quotes.
Information on smokefree restaurants, smokefree apartments and condos, coalitions, and research.
Focuses on how tobacco settlement payments have created an incentive for states to help the tobacco industry.
The Syrian Center For Tobacco Studies
Tobacco prevention and control information in Syria
Taking on Tobacco Imperialism
Interviews with advocates on industry activity in Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, and Thailand.
Tarbox, Barb
Victim of smoking-related cancer. Led crusade across Canada to stop children from starting to smoke. Includes story, short commercials she recorded, transcripts of those commercials, and donation information.
Tobacco Cases 1830 - 2000
Near-exhaustive compilation of lawsuits against the tobacco industry.
Tobacco Control
Research paper. Extensive and fully documented look at Arizona's Proposition 200. Concludes: "health advocates in Arizona successfully fought tobacco industry attempts to divert the health education funds and pass preemptive legislation. But the executive branch limited the scope of the program to adolescents and pregnant women, and prevented it from attacking the tobacco industry or focusing on secondhand smoke."
Tobacco Free Initiative
World Health Organization effort against use of tobacco.
Tobacco Free U
Works on college campuses to prevent starting, promote quitting, prevent exposure to secondhand smoke, and utlimately create tobacco-free campuses across the nation.
The Tobacco Scandal: Where is the Outrage?
Speech given by Dr. Koop in September 1998. Dr. Koop found the real scandal at the time was Big Tobacco's power in Congress. He gives his reasons for outrage at that scandal, in moving and vivid terms.
Tobacco To 21
Ohio-based organization; advocates making 21 the minimum age to buy tobacco. Describes tobacco history; industry promotion; tobacco and health; addiction; costs of tobacco use; use by children; and public policy.
Tough on Drugs -- Weak on Tobacco
Article in medical journal outlines how and why the government of Australia does little about tobacco, and government funding for tobacco control is small compared to government funding of other public health issues.
Virginia GASP home page
Factsheets on tobacco and the tobacco industry developed by Virginia GASP. Extensive summary of tobacco industry misconduct.
A Chicago teen fights to get Walgreens, the nation's largest pharmacy, to stop selling tobacco products.
Taking Down the Marlboro Man
Extended news article covers Infact activism and its connection to the FTCC. (December 23, 2003)
Singer/songwriter Forms Coalition to Fight Tobacco Industry
Leslie Nuchow rejected a lucrative promotion offer when she learned it was from Philip Morris. Then she formed Virginia SLAM! a coalition of musicians, music industry professionals and community activists working against the tobacco industry's manipulation of music to promote smoking. (May 10, 1998)
Dr. Judith Mackay Speaks About Tobacco and Globalization
A report from CorpWatch. (May 01, 1997)
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