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The Codex Alimentarius is a collection of international food standards covering the main foods, whether processed, semi-processed or raw, as well as materials used in the further processing of food products. Official objectives of the standards are protecting the health of consumers and facilitating fair practices in the food trade. Codex provisions concern the hygienic and nutritional quality of food, including microbiological norms, food additives, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, contaminants, labelling and presentation, and methods of sampling and risk analysis. Many consumers of natural foods and dietary supplements regard the Codex as a threat to access to these types of products. Some consider the Codex to be a conspiracy by the processed foods and pharmaceuticals industries.
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Official site. Part of FAO and WHO food and veterinary standards activities. With information about procedure, forthcoming activities, members and participating organizations. All Codex Alimentarius standards document available for download in English, French and Spanish.
Explains why Codex Alimentarius threatens Americans' health and freedom by restricting natural health care, and tells how people can join the effort to avert it.
International Threats to Health Freedom - CODEX
Collection of articles, mainly by John Hammell, sorted by date.
More Proof of the Global Harmonization Scam to Wipe Out Access to Vitamins
"The Drug Cartel's effort to 'Harmonize' the laws world-wide in order to KNOCK OUT competition from the dietary supplement industry is no longer mere conspiracy theory!"
Dramatic restrictions to our herbs and vitamins via CODEX
Scary news - CODEX, which overwhelmingly represents the huge pharmaceutical cartels, is attempting to wrest control of vitamins and herbs away from natural health food shops and others - and to criminalise selling vitamins for preventive purposes! Why? Because prevention hurts their profits! (November 01, 1998)
Codex Showdown in Berlin Points to Dire Need for Congressional Oversight of FDA
"If we fail to get the Codex draft proposal for vitamins and minerals removed entirely... consumers world wide will be deprived of access to potency levels within the therapeutic range, restricted to strictly RDA levels of nutrients, and deprived of health information about these products via labels and labeling. Moreover, anything without an RDA would be regulated as a 'drug.' This would kill millions of people." (October 07, 1998)
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