Epidemiology Of Female Sexual Castration In Cairo, Egypt
In 1985, a group of 350 urban Egyptian women were selected to self-report on their recall of their female sexual castration (FSC) which they experienced as children.
Erroneous Belief Systems Underlying Female Genital Mutilation in Sub-Saharan Africa
Speech presented by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein at The Third International Symposium on Circumcision, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland May 22-25, 1994.
Female Circumcision Issues Page
The World Health Organization has condemned the mutilations as disastrous to women's health and as indefensible on humane grounds. In the United States, Rep. Pat Schroeder has written a bill to prohibit female genital mutilation. H.R. 3247.
Female Genital Mutilation
Articles at ReligiousTolerance.org, about the practice in some African and Muslim communities, and in North America and Europe.
Female Genital Mutilation: Strategies For Eradication
by Fran P. Hosken. Article discusses how female genital mutilation continues to be practiced in Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia among Moslem populations.
Genital Mutilation & The United Nations: Male And Female Circumcision, Human Rights, & The Restoration Of Spiritual Integrity & Freedom
Presentation given by Anastasios Zavales about educating the world community about the practice of genital mutilation.
Global Women Intact
Specializing in female circumcision, genital mutilation, and alternative ritual of passage information.
Islam and Female Circumcision
By Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D. - Minaret of Freedom Institute. Brief article discussing religion and female genital mutilation.
Mutilated Humanity
by Ashley Montagu - The story of bodily mutilations would occupy a large volume in the story of humankind, and few would be more strange and interesting than those relating to male and female circumcision.
Senegal bans female circumcision
BBC News Online - Dec 23, 1998 - Senegal has banned female circumcision on cultural or religious grounds. Anybody found practising circumcision on girls now faces up to five years in prison.
An international non-governmental organization based in Senegal Africa geared toward educating the people and ending female genital cutting.
The Zero
Listings of national and international agencies, articles, organizations and web sites to find help for and information about female genital mutilation and female circumcision practices worldwide.
NPR : Genital Mutilation Can Be Grounds for Asylum Status, Court Rules
A US appeals court ruling in favor of a young Somali woman says that a history of genital mutilation makes a woman automatically eligible for asylum in the U.S. [2:48 streaming audio broadcast] (March 11, 2005)
Excision Practiced Where Pre-Islamic Traditions Strongest
Integrated Regional Information Networks article about the persistence of the practice of female circumcision in Mali. (June 15, 2004)
Irin News: Boost for Anti-FGM Effort
United Nations humanitarian report from Kenya explains how a series of seminars resulted in the resignation two hundred practitioners of female genital mutilation. Includes outline of the cultural aspects. (May 10, 2004)
NPR : Atlanta Female Circumcision Case Stirs Concern
The arrest of an Ethiopian citizen in Atlanta, Ga., raises concerns that female circumcision, a form of genital mutilation common in some African nations, is being performed on young women in the United States. NPR's Ari Shapiro reports. 5.5 minutes radio segment via Realplayer. (March 12, 2004)
NPR : Nigerian Woman Challenges Mutilation Ritual
Reports on a Nigerian woman who is trying to have the practice of female genital mutilation accepted as a violation of the anti-torture convention. She is living illegally in Dallas, Texas, and fighting deportation with the claim that she and her 3-year-old daughter would likely be subjected to the mutilation ritual if repatriated to Nigeria. [4.5 minute Realaudio segment] (January 08, 2003)
NPR : INS Fraud
Reports about a Ghanaian woman named Adelaide Abankwa who won political asylum in the US, based on her claim that she would be subject to female genital mutilation if she were returned home, but faces an Immigration and Naturalization Service charge that she lied about her identity and her fears of being tortured at home. [5 minute 40 second Realaudio segment] (December 21, 2000)
NPR : Mutilation - Asylum
Report on the story of Adelaide Abankwah, the second woman in U.S history to be granted political asylum because she feared she would be subjected to female genital mutilation if she returned to her native country. [4.5 minute Realaudio segment] (August 19, 1999)
NPR : Asylum and Genital Mutilation
About a Nigerian woman fighting deportation from the US, saying she needs to stay because her 10-year-old daughter, who is an American citizen, would be subject to genital mutilation if sent to Nigeria. [4:47 minute Realaudio segment] (May 27, 1998)
Female Circumcision Comes to America - The Atlantic
Performed by new immigrants, veiled in deference to a cultural tradition of the developing world, female circumcision is becoming an American problem. (October 01, 1995)
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