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Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
Adverse drug reactions cannot be predicted. Reactions are often unrelated to the condition for which the medication was prescribed. Adverse reaction or withdrawal symptoms can resemble psychiatric illness.
Antibiotic Dosages
Dr. Greene answers a parent's question about antibiotic dosages and why the prescribed amount may differ from one infection to the next.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Medication Safety Program
Includes resources on medication safety basics, key medication facts for parents as well as older adults, along with a related links and references section.
The David Healy Affair
David Healy is an expert in psychiatric medicine. His job offer was abruptly rescinded due to claims he made about Prozac causing suicidal behaviour in a small percentage of cases. Some say this was due to pressure from Prozac's manufacturer. Site contains the contested lecture, letters and a transcript of a documentary.
FDA Review
An extensive resource on the regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices focusing on the Food and Drug Administration. Includes a history, an evaluation of policy, and a bibliography with many links.
MedWatch - The FDA Medical Products Reporting Program
How to report adverse events/reactions to medications, drug products or medical devices to the Food and Drug Administration voluntary reporting system.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - Prescription Medications
Resources on prescription drug misuse, abuse, and addiction. Includes information about different drugs and partner organizations.
Making Medicines Safer - The Need for an Independent Drug Safety Board
From the New England Journal of Medicine. "Currently, after a drug is approved for marketing, we rely on a voluntary reporting system based on the assumption that a drug is safe... It is remarkable that at a time when the technology for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data is readily available, an independent, comprehensive, and systematic program of post-marketing drug surveillance does not exist." (December 17, 1998)
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