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Allarm to America - It's Time to Legalize Marijuana
The Bill of Rights, Aesop's Fable, definitions, and some quotes as they relate to cannabis.
Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp
Attacks reform by regulating and taxing adult sales and letting doctors prescribe untaxed cannabis to patients suffering from a variety of illnesses and injuries.
Cannabis Culture
Canadian based magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world. Includes articles, videos, blogs and activist resources.
Cannabis N.I.
Northern Irish activist promoting the legalization and information on how to grow marijuana and sources for marijuana related news and information.
Florida Cannabis Action Network
News, things to do to change the state laws and how to deal with them.
International Cannagraphic
ICMag is a global community of marijuana growers, activists, business entrepreneurs, photographers, breeders, vendors and medical patients.
Legal Marijuana California
Submit listings for medical marijuana related sites. Offers news and articles regarding marijuana.
Legalization on
An article on why cannabis should be legalized by Bernie Alexander.
Includes on-line petition, chat, and survey -- as well as books, music, and T-shirts.
Marijuana Information
Details about marijuana, including: facts, myths, war on drugs, and basic information.
Marijuana Legalization Organization
Legalization policy discussion. Focuses on freedom, cost-benefit analysis. Why marijuana should be legal.
Marijuana Militia
An organization devoted to the complete reform of our marijuana legislation through information and action.
Marijuana Policy Project
State by state reporting on reform issues and how to actionize representatives in political office.
Information on the medical, political and recreation uses of the Cannabis Sativa herb.
Website that covers marijuana reform, music, news, politics, and activism.
Online Pot
Medical marijuana news, stories, grow guides, research studies, message boards, photographs, seed banks and laws.
Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) seeks to educate the public about marijuana as a safer alternative for enjoyable recreation compared to alcohol.
Tyler Durden Says Legalize
Stop the drug war. It's a losing battle that sends billions of dollars overseas to drug dealers.
UK Cannabis Internet Activists
Watchdog on politics, effects and history of cannabis, industrial uses, research and events. Provides suggestions on individual involvement as well as a directory.
Pro-arijuana legalization website with contests and events on a monthly basis that support the agenda of legalizing marijuana.
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