Alcohol is a social issue from the standpoint of health, ecoonomics, family wellness, productivity and more. This category is for education, information, or even critique of programs on alcohol use or abuse.

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Alcohol In Moderation is an organization promoting a sensible and moderate drinking message. Information from scientific researchers, the beverage alcohol industry and associations, on research, health issues and legislation.
Alcohol Abuse Prevention: Some Serious Problems
Articles question the honesty and integrity of eight organizations in the field of preventing alcohol abuse. The author is David Hanson, Ph.D., a professor emeritus at State University of New York.
Alcohol and Your College Experience - Facts on Tap
A national alcohol prevention, intervention, and education program used by universities across the United States.
Alcohol Epidemiology Program at the University of Minnesota
Research program to discover effective community and policy interventions to reduce alcohol-related social and health problems. Includes findings, and information about effective policies.
Alcohol Stats
Created by Anheuser-Busch to highlight research and statistics regarding alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and responsible consumption.
Bottomless Pitchers
The flow of alcohol ads and cheap-drink specials aimed at college students may be one factor in high rates of binge drinking.
CC Speaks
College campus alcohol issues speaker that carries a message about health and abuse.
The Century Council
The American distilling industry's organization fighting drunk driving and illegal underage drinking through alcohol education, law enforcement, legislation and retailer support.
College Drinking: Changing the Culture
Resources for changing the college drinking culture. Includes research and approaches to prevention, with interactive tools for students and educators.
FACE - Truth and Clarity on Alcohol
A national non-profit organization that supports sensible alcohol practices through the development of messages, strategies, and training.
History of Alcohol Prohibition
Summary of policies in the United States from the colonial period through the repeal in 1933 of the Prohibition (21st) Amendment to the Constitution. Includes references.
Intoxication: Its Benefits and Costs
Intoxication is rewarding for precisely the same reason it produces suffering - it diminishes the influence of remote stimuli.
Moderation Management
A recovery program and national support group network for people who have made the decision to reduce their drinking and make other lifestyle changes.
R U Pissed?
Includes an online alcohol blood alcohol content calculator.
Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS)
Offers programs for training people to responsibly serve, sell and consume alcohol.
UMHS DrinkWise
Program by University of Michigan Health System for people with mild to moderate alcohol problems.
The Washington Regional Alcohol Program
Tackles underage drinking and drunk driving in greater Washington, DC., including providing sober rides.

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