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Gun commentary from a self-described, independent libertarian.
Assault Weapon Truth: The Facts about Assault Weapons
Analysis of the debate over assault weapons from a gun-rights standpoint, examining technical and statistical data.
Blue Steel Democrats
Maintained by the Gun Owners Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon, last updated in 2011.
Carey McWilliams
Home page of a blind concealed carry permit holder who appeared in Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine. Biographical information, FAQ, and links to related articles.
Clayton Cramer's Web Page
Articles, commentary, and book reviews on gun rights, and gun control issues.
Cold Dead Hands
Fighting for the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms.
Concealed Carry Weapons Laws By State
Information by state and articles providing opinions and advise. Last updated in 2012.
Dave Kopel's Home Page
Essays and articles covering a wide-range of gun control and Second Amendment topics.
General discussions about firearms with information on concealment, choice, equipment and legalities.
Equal Rights for CCW
Striving for reform of California's concealed carry weapons laws. Discusses inequities of the current system and legal issues. Last updated in 2004.
The Gun Wire
An aggregator of links to national and international news sources and columnists providing pro and anti-gun related stories and commentary.
John R Lott's Website
Information on the author's work and opinion pieces on the subject of gun control.
Learn About Guns
Firearm information and political discussions from a gun rights perspective, emphasising self-defense rights.
Musings of the GeekWithA.45
Commentary on gun-related events, last updated in 2010.
NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog
Information on the use of revocable trusts for the purchase of NFA firearms in each state
Of Arms and the Law
Lawyer David T. Hardy's weblog featuring news, commentary, and history.
Weblog content critical of lawsuits against gunmakers and owners.
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA)
Directory of firearms rights organizations, research, news, legislation, court and legal issues, and other resources.
Pro-gun rights opinion.
Self-defense: A Basic Human Right
Explains and justifies the right and wisdom of preserving firearms ownership for self-defense, combining pictorial, historical, and current perspectives.
The Smallest Minority
Pro-gun rights commentary and analysis.
Tao of Gun
Addressing gun control and Second Amendment issues from a New Age perspective.
Truth About Guns, Crime & Violence
Analysis and essays of selected gun control statistics and studies.
TYSK - Second Amendment Department
News, opinions, and alerts concerning the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.
Violence in America - Effective Solutions
Paper authored by a group of doctors addressing gun violence and proposing solutions.
The War on Guns - Notes from the Resistance
Web log commentary, from gun rights activist David Codrea, on events affecting gun rights.
The Right to Keep and Bear ... What?
An essay giving past and present interpretations of "arms" as used in the Second Amendment. (April 05, 2003)
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