Debate and information around the Boy Scouts of America's policy on homosexuality.

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Curran vs. Boy Scouts Lawsuit
Tim Curran's personal web site describing his dismissal and subsequent lawsuit against the Mt. Diablo Council of the BSA
Episcopal Bishops call for Inclusive Boy Scout Leadership
The Episcopal Church approved a resolution in an attempt to open a dialogue with the BSA regarding its membership policies.
FindLaw's Writ - Yoshino: Scout Loophole
Legal commentary by Kenji Yoshino on the implications of the Supreme Court's decision in BSA v. Dale
Religious and Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Boy Scouts of America
A collection of essays and background material on the BSA's membership policies maintained by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
War on the Boy Scouts, Round 2 (WorldNetDaily)
Follow-up article by Joseph Farah describing many recent actions taken against the Boy Scouts in the wake of the US Supreme Court decision. (January 09, 2001)
The war on the Boy Scouts (WorldNetDaily)
Commentary by Joseph Farah describing the assault on the Boy Scouts by homosexual political activists and atheists. (January 04, 2001)
Separation of morals and state (WorldNetDaily)
Alan Keyes analyzes homosexual activists' battle against the Boy Scouts (December 30, 2000)
Tying the Boy Scouts in Knots
Gay columnist Dan Savage calls his local Boy Scout council asking how the BSA's policies would affect his son's participation in Cub Scouts. (July 20, 2000)
Gay and Lesbian Scouts Received With Open Arms in Tolerant Canada
San Francisco Chronicle article about the 129th Toronto Scout Group, and Canada accepting gay and lesbian scouts there. (July 03, 2000)
Why the Boy Scouts Work
Heather Mac Donald, writing for City Journal, provides a detailed history of inner-city scouting and then argues that the position of activists trying to change the BSA is that "furthering the gay-rights crusade takes precedence over helping inner-city children." (January 01, 2000)
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