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For those who question the prevailing belief of how climate change (or global warming) works through the showing and/or telling of alternative suggestions which may include the sciences, politics, economics, psychology, sociology, or religion to name but a few.

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Balloon-Knot Al Gore's Inconvenient Truths
Blog type forum that pokes fun and facts at Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth."
Biography of Professor Robert M. Carter
Profiles his work in dispelling human caused climate change.
C3 Headlines
C3 (climate, cycles, and change) is an up to date headline and blog site that points to articles, papers, postings, videos, charts, and images which describe the science and history of climate change from a skeptic's viewpoint.
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
Skeptical of possible negative effects, the center is a non-profit organization specializing in the online publication of scientific research and education developments related to the rising CO2 content of earth's atmosphere.
Climate Audit
Through the use of many data sets (including proxy data), mathematics, statistics, as well as commentary and discussion, Steve McIntyre shows how human induced global warming does not always add up.
Climate Depot
A sub-website of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow which provides comprehensive information on climate news and the related issues of environment and energy.
Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered
In his paper, "Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered" Christopher Monckton shows how the IPCC’s climate models failures arise from defects in the evaluation of radiative forcing; The no-feed-backs climate sensitivity parameter κ; and the feedback multiplier f. [PDF]
Climate Skeptic
A Skeptics view of the recent climate scene covering these main topics: Climate propaganda; Climate science; Climate socialists; CO2 abatement; Current weather; Effects of warming; Government regulation; Temperature history; Temperature measurement; Warming forecasts; And, "what is normal" among others.
The Daily Bayonet
A Canadian blog that argues against man-made global warming.
Friends of Science
Offers critical scientific evidence, including a five-piece video, that challenges the premises of the Kyoto Protocol, and presents alternative causes of climate change.
Global Climate Cooling Facts
An impact assessment scientist gives facts about global climate cooling.
Global Warming
Attempts to dispel the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis by showing the flawed economic, scientific, and risk analysis in relation to the current political situation.
Global Warming And The Climate
Applied physicist uses a variety of data sources to take a critical view of current global warming theory by comparing the effects of greenhouse gases with those from the Sun.
The Global Warming Challenge
Scott Armstrong, of the Wharton School, challenges Al Gore $20,000 that he will be able to make more accurate forecasts of annual mean temperatures than those that can be produced by climate models.
Global Warming Hoax: News
Global Warming Hoax is a rather large news and information source regarding global warming from a skeptical point of view.
Global Warming Hyperbole
Highlights the latest news, views, articles and opinion pieces related to hype and hysteria that surrounds Global Warming (Climate Change) Controversy.
The Global Warming Information Center
Project of the National Center for Public Policy Research; fact sheets, media kits, research, and links critical of the manmade climate change orthodoxy.
Global Warming is a Farce
A personal site with a collection of articles and information presenting the other side of the global climate change issue.
Global Warming Lies
A relatively short seven page web site, put together by a former global warming believer, that shows not only the lies surrounding climate change but also brings out many of the facts that have been conveniently neglected.
Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus
Article by MIT professor Richard S. Lindzen describing the problems with the global warming theory. [PDF]
A blog that is skeptical of anthropogenic global warming and, more specifically, the initiative of Al Gore to spread the message of man-made climate change.
Human Global Warming
States that human global warming does not exist and supports this view with subjective analysis of five different parameters.
International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project (ICECAP) is a portal to climate related information for elected officials and staffers, journalists, scientists, educators and the public that presents information for the entire spectrum that is climate change (not just one side or the other).
New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Presents facts regarding natural and anthropogenic climate change and also offers comments and opinion on the scientific, economic and socio-political consequences of climate change.
Newsweek - The Cooling World
Newsweek article from 1975 on the dangers of Global Cooling.
Other Side of the Global Warming Debate
A list of links to articles or other websites that tackle topics such as: Consensus thinking; Accurate IPCC Data; Myths concerning the Little Ice Age or Medieval Warm Period; What a rise in CO2 really means; runaway temperature rise; Ocean levels rising; Producing more and stronger hurricanes.
An up to date extensive blog site that addresses and discusses global warming from a skeptics point of view.
Planck Time - Exposing the Global Warming Myth
A site that contains up to date blogs, recent articles (as well as those archived since 2005), and links committed to explaining the hypothesis of global warming as a myth.
Polar Bear Population Forecasts: A Public-Policy Forecasting Audit
Attempts to answer questions concerning the ability of global warming forecasting and the setting of public this case by listing polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. [PDF]
Ross McKitrick
Professor of Economics at the University of Guelph, Ross McKitrick tackles the subjects of global warming, air pollution, environmental economics, and science and public policy through the use of many published articles written both by himself as well as with other experts in the respective fields.
Roy Spencer, Ph. D.
Climatologist, author and former NASA scientist offering comments about global warming.
Russia's Chief Economic Adviser Says Cost of Kyoto Too Great - ICCF
Dr. Andrei Illarionov, Pres. Vladimir Putin's chief economic adviser, delivers a presentation called "The Kyoto Protocol: An Assault on economic growth, environment, public safety, science and human civilization itself."
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Founded by atmospheric physicist and global-warming skeptic S. Fred Singer; press releases, news articles, scientific studies and other materials available.
A Skeptic's Guide to Debunking Global Warming Alarmism
Includes the speech delivered by Senator James Inhofe on Monday, September 25, 2006 that directly challenges the media to improve reporting methods related to climate change. The guide also includes graphics, press releases and scientific articles that refute catastrophe climate fears presented by the media, the United Nations, and former Vice President Al Gore. [PDF]
A Skeptical Layman’s Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming
This "mini book" by Warren Meyer is intended to provide a layman’s critique of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory and to challenge the notion that the science and projections regarding AGW justify massive spending and government intervention into the world's economies. [PDF]
Still Waiting For Greenhouse
Non-believers in global warming present evidence to show that global warming has been grossly exaggerated.
There is No Evidence
This paper by Dr. David Evans shows typical evidence offered by global warming alarmists, and then provides for each of the examples how it is not evidence regarding what causes global warming. [PDF]
Tom Nelson
A personal blog that captures the latest headlines skeptical of the global warming debate with commentary.
Uncertainty Distribution Around Climate Models
Paper written by Myanna Lahsen and published in "Social Studies of Science", 35/6(December 2005) pp. 895–922, discusses the distribution of certainty/uncertainty around the General Circulation Models (GCMs) (aka, Global Climate Models) – the computer models that are used to project possible global climatic changes due to human emissions of greenhouse gases. [PDF]
Watts Up With That?
Former meteorologist and weather expert Anthony Watts maintains this site, skeptical of the man-made global warming topic.
World Climate Report
Uses a collection of data, facts and statements within a broad range of categories to find and explain many of the fallacies held in popular global warming theory.
CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time
Research article which shows that nature, not man, rules the climate and that the Kyoto Protocol and IPCC reports may cause great harm to the global population and economy. [PDF] (March 01, 2007)
Cosmoclimatology: a new theory emerges
This paper by Henrik Svensmark explains the relatively new theory of Cosmoclimatology and how this physical mechanism - cloud seeding and formation by cosmic rays - may be the answer to the problem of climate change (global warming). [PDF] (January 25, 2007)
Global Warming: Forecasts By Scientists Versus Scientific Forecasts
This paper by Kesten C. Green and J. Scott Armstrong shows that failure (of the climate change/global warming hypothesis) occurs with the first forecasting problem: predicting temperature over the long term - more specifically they have were unable to find a viable scientific forecast to support the currently widespread belief in "global warming." [PDF] (January 01, 2007)
How Can Climate Models Fail?
Answers the title question by looking closely at General Circulation Models (GCMs) used in climate modeling and showing that because they are models of complex physical systems, the respective and reliable solution of such a system is almost impossibly difficult to ascertain. [PDF] (May 03, 2006)
Guide to Global Warming - Questions and Answers on Climate Change
Questions and answers to basic global warming questions, from the George C. Marshall Institute. (January 15, 2000)
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