Nuclear waste is an issue for the nuclear industry. Some of these materials are highly radiactive and require cooling and careful storage to avoid meltdowns and radioactive releases. No facilities exist for the long term storage of waste. Nuclear waste is an unfunded problem to future generations.

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Deadly Radiation Hazards USA
Map and database of significant nuclear facilities in the US compiled from government sources.
Energy Net
Originated from the Abalone Alliance. Working to halt operation and construction of nuclear power plants in California including action on Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility and Ward Valley waste dump.
An Epic and Open Exploration of Nuclear Issues
Environmentalist newsletter DOEWatch site on nuclear issues particularly around Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Eureka County Nevada Nuclear Waste Page
Includes recent news articles, maps, photos, links, FAQ, time-line, publications, and legislative information related to the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Also info on transportation of high-level radioactive waste.
Gulf of the Farallones Disposal Issues
U.S. Geological Survey information on an area offshore of San Francisco, California. Ocean dump used to dispose of 47,800 containers of low-level radioactive waste between 1946 and 1970.
Nuclear Guardianship Library
Resources for developing the political, technical and moral understanding required for the responsible care of radioactive materials for many generations.
The Sub-Seabed Solution
Article in the Atlantic Monthly about long term storage of radioactive waste beneath the ocean floor.
Waste In The West Siberian Basin
Russian scientists began discharging liquid radioactive waste to rivers and reservoirs and injecting waste into the groundwater some 50 years ago. Scientists are working on remediation strategies at the three Russian sites.
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