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1 Nuclear Place
Daily news in nuclear energy including waste, decommissioning, extensions of operating licences, and issues associated with nuclear power as well as non-proliferation, nuclear safety and top stories in the nuclear field.
American Electric Power Newsroom
Nuclear news and information links.
ANS : Publications
American Nuclear Society's magazine Nuclear News online. Current and past articles available in PDF format, link to subscribe.
British Nuclear Energy Society
Nuclear news from the United Kingdom.
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Online magazine with nuclear news, issues, information, and archive.
Current News, KEDO Press Releases & Internet Links
Nuclear news and information links from Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization.
Entergy Nuclear
Company news releases.
The Mining Journal
Online information about the mining industry including uranium. Has an archive, links, and background information.
NewsNow NewsLink: Nuclear
Daily news headlines from the UK and worldwide, updated every five minutes. Archive available of last 30 days items.
Nuclear Industry News
Nuclear plant journal online version. News and issues in the nuclear power industry. Archive available.
Nuclear Industry Portal
Links to nuclear industry news and briefings from the World Nuclear Association, formerly the Uranium Institute.
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
International and United States nuclear news stories, action alerts, on-line periodical, fact sheets and nuclear information service.
Nuclear News
Nuclear industry and regulatory news organized by general topics.
Nuclear Powers Promise to Disarm
The world's five main nuclear powers pledge the total elimination of their weapons stockpiles, but give no timetable. BBC News.
Nuclear Waste Update
Eureka County Nevada Yucca Mountain newsletter. Available online with archives.
Nuclear weapon research on the Internet
Nuclear news, as well as background information, searches on nuclear topics, software to model nuclear blast effects, commentary, links.
NucNet News Agency
World nuclear industry news available online, or by subscription.
NucNet: Global Nuclear News
Nuclear news, information and emergency communication service [RSS] - Publishers
Magazines, journals, newsletters and other publications for radiation, radwaste management, nuclear and environmental professionals.
The Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC)
World nuclear fuel spot prices, The Ux Weekly, and Market Outlook Reports.
What's News
Nuclear news updates collected by State of Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office.
Update on High-Level Nuclear Waste
Recent events in spent fuel disposal reported by the Governmental Affairs Program of the American Geological Institute. (October 26, 2001)
Patching Nuclear Power
The nuclear industry talked the US federal government into allowing a generic 20-year extension on the life of reactors. J.A. Savage, Albion Monitor. (September 25, 2000)
Secret Project Carried Hidden Dangers
Nuclear weapons workers in the 1940s and `50s, were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Government reports were classified and buried. The result is a legacy of poisoned workers and communities that lingers to this day. USA Today. (September 08, 2000)
Ailing Workers From Test Site Get Chance To Face DOE
Nevada test site workers get a hearing. (Las Vegas SUN) (February 23, 2000)
Hearing Summary on High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal
Report of three legislative hearings on spent fuel storage including information on witnesses, statements by committee members and testimony given. (June 19, 1999)
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