Mountaintop removal mining is a form of strip mining that completely removes up to 800 feet of bedrock from a mountain top. This form of coal mining is practiced in the southern Appalachians and the Allegheny Plateau in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Environmental effects of mountaintop removal mining include deforestation, sludge flows, aquifer depletion and groundwater pollution. Societial effects include loss of human life, safety, health and property due to extensive blasting, toxic waste storage and catastrophic flooding, as well as the resulting loss of the native culture that ensues.

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The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)
Seeks to develop and establish a voluntary system to independently verify compliance with environmental, human rights and social standards for mining operations. Includes documents and updates.
Mines and Communities
Empowering activists and communities opposed to mining through information on global mining trends, specific projects and mining industry attempts to subvert legitimate protest. Includes news.
Mining Law Reform: This is Hard Rock Mining
Documentation of history and current events of 1872 mining law reform actions in U.S. Congress along with data on problems with mining and causes for delays in reform.
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad: The Mining Campaign
Monitoring Australian mining companies' impact on the environment and vulnerable communities.
United Mountain Defense
Information about mountaintop removal coal mining, its impacts, and how to fight it in Tennessee. Includes photos and notices about public events.
West Virginia Mountaintop Removal
Information about mountain top mining and valley fill, and the environmental damage this practice is causing around the state and in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina.
Wikipedia: Mountaintop Removal Mining
Discusses process, economics, legislation and criticism. Includes references.
Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining Impact Witnessed In Appalachian Kentucky
Article shares remarks from people living in affected regions. (October 21, 2007)
Religion & Ethics News Weekly: Mountaintop Removal Mining
Bob Abernethy interviews religious critics who say the price, in human terms, of mountaintop removal mining is too high. Includes the video report. (February 02, 2007)
Christian Science Monitor: In Coal Country, Heat Rises Over Latest Method of Mining
Article discusses long-term effects of mountaintop removal mining. By Amanda Paulson. (January 03, 2006)
Orion Magazine: Moving Mountains
Discusses the battle for justice that has come to the coal fields of Appalachia. By Eric Reese. (January 01, 2006)
Washington Post: Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change
Article discusses the environmental and human impacts being felt in Appalachia. Includes photographs. By Joby Warrick. (August 17, 2004)
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