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BBC News - Street lights changing ecology on the ground
Discusses research showing that the mix of invertebrate species living under streetlights is different from those living between streetlights.
Canadian Living - 8 ways to reduce light pollution
Suggestions to reduce light pollution from your home and community.
Environmental Leader - Light Pollution’s Dark Realities
Discusses environmental, energy, and economical issues related to light pollution.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Light Pollution
An article from Sky & Telescope which explains succinctly what the problem is.
Lights at Night Mean Trouble for Birds
Discusses the ornithological effects.
The New York Times - French Lights to Be Dimmed to Save Energy
French law restricts use of non-essential light at night
The New Yorker - The Dark Side
Describes many aspects of light pollution, including ecology, human health, regulation, astronomy, and economics.
Reduced Energy Usage
Explains why legislation is needed in Virginia.
Scientific American - City of Light: Insomniac Urban Animals
Discusses how artificial light in urban areas disrupts animals circadean clocks, and the behavior consequences this can have.
The Why Files - Light at night: Mixed blessing!
In depth article that describes many aspects of light at night.
The New York Times - Energy Crisis in Brazil Brings Dimmer Lights and Altered Lives
Explains how an energy crisis has encouraged better lighting (Site requires free registration) (June 06, 2001)
CNN: Night-Light May Lead to Near-Sightedness
Information about scientific evidence that exposure to nighttime lighting can cause near-sightedness. (May 12, 1999)
High Country News - January 18, 1999: Starry, starry night
Explains how the New Mexico Historic Preservation Alliance think of the night sky as a cultural resource which helps tourism. (January 18, 1999)
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