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Campaign for Sensible Growth
Coalition of government, civic, and business leaders in northeastern Illinois. Presents information on the campaign, news, and resources.
Campaign to Protect Rural England
National charity devoted to protecting and enhancing rural England. Encourages the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.
Congress for the New Urbanism
News, information and other resources from an organization which promotes the restoration of cities and the creation of human-oriented livable communities with a sense of place.
Environmental Protection Agency: Smart Growth
Includes introduction and detailed information on smart growth, plus news, publications, and policies.
Envision Utah
Public-private partnership promoting quality growth with goals in air quality, transportation options, open space preservation, housing, infrastructure, and community-friendly taxation.
Farmland Information Center
A clearinghouse for information about farmland protection and stewardship. It is a partnership between the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and American Farmland Trust.
The Funders' Network
A resource for foundations, nonprofit organizations, and other partners working to solve the problems created by suburban sprawl and urban disinvestment.
Greater Ohio
A statewide network promoting policies that encourage redevelopment of Ohio's cities and towns and conservation of farmland and open space.
Greenbelt Alliance
Conservation and smart growth organization dedicated to protecting the region’s open spaces and ensuring cities grow in a way that creates great neighborhoods for everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.
Grow Smart Rhode Island
A statewide non-profit organization that promotes sensible alternatives to suburban sprawl and urban decay.
Moving Sustainable Development from Theory to Practice in the U.S.
A quick-study outline of sustainable development for planners and policy-makers, with extensive web references for more in-depth information on each topic. Written by Beryl Magilavy, past director of San Francisco's Department of the Environment.
National Town Builders Association
Serves builders and developers in an effort to build traditional neighborhoods and town centers though smart growth principles.
Preservation Institute
Information and resources about alternatives to dehumanizing modern trends on social and environmental quality.
Save Our Land, Save Our Towns Inc.
Charitable corporation promotes changes in attitudes and policies that promote suburban sprawl.
Scenic America
Information and resources from an advocacy organization that wants to protect the scenic qualities of communities and roadways.
Sierra Club: Stopping Sprawl
The Challenge to the Sprawl Campaign works to fight poorly planned runaway development and promotes smart growth communities.
Smart Growth America
Nationwide coalition promoting a better way to grow; one that protects farmland and open space, revitalizes neighborhoods, keeps housing affordable, preserves scenic and historic resources, and makes communities more livable.
Smart Growth BC
A non-profit society that works to limit sprawl in British Columbia. Includes case studies, examples and local news.
Smart Growth Network
The Smart Growth Network helps create national, regional and local coalitions to support intelligent and sustainable growth.
Sprawl Watch
Clearinghouse with news, information and resource links about land-use, community planning and preservation.
One of the most comprehensive and earliest sites to target sprawl, by Al Norman, "anti-sprawl guru" and consultant. Arguments and statistics to support campaigns against sprawl developments. Reading list, news, list of towns that have defeated mega-retail proposals.
Wikipedia: Urban Sprawl
Publicly-editable encyclopedia entry supplies examples and arguments for and against sprawl.
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