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International effort to raise awareness of the need to decrease carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million. Includes updates on activities, how to get involved, and frequently asked questions.
Arctic 2007
Two brothers cycled from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean to sensitize the population to the problem of climate change.
Are We Toast?
Invites readers to read articles on climate change and discuss the complex social, economic and environmental issues that must be resolved.
Be a force for change!
A Climate Change Champion website covering some of the major aspects of the issue.
Calvin's Climate Action Blog
A frequently updated UK weblog about things of interest to climate change activists.
Climate Action Programme
An extensive online resource launched by SDI and the United Nations Environment Programme to assist businesses and governments reduce their carbon footprint. Officially supported by Ceres, INCR, FTSE4Good, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and the Carbon Trust.
Climate Change Independent Media Centre
Topic based Indymedia centre established to report on grassroots climate change activism.
Empowering parents of all ages make sense of and a difference on climate change. Your resource for climate change facts and information to share with the kids in your life!
The Community Solution to Peak Oil
Documentary exploring how Cuba, through its focus on community, managed to survive the loss of Soviet oil supplies and move towards a sustainable, low energy use society.
CorpWatch - Climate Justice Initiative
News links through 2007, and background information from an organization that reports the effects on climate of actions by multinational corporations.
Exxon Secrets
Investigating how ExxonMobil funds the climate change skeptics.
Friends of the Earth: Climate
Information and links, especially for activists.
From Greenhouse to Green House
Describes the problems and possibilities in cutting emissions of CO2 from an average household.
Global Warming
Global warming is going to be a big problem, say scientists. Planetforlife examines the science behind the predictions.
Global warming
Public information from the Union of Concerned Scientists
The Heat Is Online
The website version of Ross Gelbspan's 1995 book on global warming science, politics and industry disinformation, is now a website that tracks and updates climate-related developments, including "Extreme Weather Profiles" from 1995-1999; campaigns of deception and disinformation by the fossil fuel lobby; and "solution" strategies.
Islands First
Small Island States are uniquely vulnerable to climate change. Islands First provides their UN missions with the capacity, networks and strategic planning essential to enact policy change at the international level.
Islands First Blog
The blog of Islands First, an organization working with the United Nations missions of small island developing states to address climate change, oceans destruction and other issues of environmental injustice.
Its All About Time & Place
A Critical look at human culture through time, in response to climate change, ecological and societal responses. Chronologies feature Warm/Cold Events and their societal and social consequences.
Mark Lynas' Climate Blog
The author of "High Tide" weblogs about climate change and what we can do about it.
Penguins United
Penguins talk about global warming and the climate crisis.
Science & Environmental Policy Project
Site from Dr Singer expressing skepticism regarding many aspects of global warming.
Sinks Watch
An organisation addressing the links between forests and climate change.
SqWALK! GSX Georgia Strait Crossing
Information central about British Columbia's strategy to meet future electricity demand by burning natural gas, adding to the greenhouse gas crisis, and global warming.
Their Future
Parenting in an age of climate change. Seeking to engage the parents of young children with the climate change debate, this website has links to articles about possible effects on children's health and economic future.
Online community which seeks donations in order to plant 8 million trees to help in combating climate change.
UK 8020
Not for profit social enterprise behind the Climate Change Challenge and Pledge4REG global initiatives helping to tackle climate change and fuel poverty.
Viridian Design
Online design movement about global warming.
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