"Euthanasia" is often used to refer to all of the forms of hastened death: *Physician assisted dying - a physician provides a competent, terminally ill patient with a prescription for a lethal dose of medication *Mercy killing - an individual, usually a close relative or friend, ends the life of another who is suffering *"Self deliverance" - a terminally ill individual ends his or her own life without the prescription of a lethal dose of medication *Voluntary euthanasia - a physician responds to a terminally ill patient's request for a hasten death by ADMINISTERING a lethal dose of medication to the patient *Involuntary euthanasia - a physician administers a lethal dose of medication to a patient, without an explicit request from the patient *Passive euthanasia - a patient's death is hastened by the removal or withholding of treatments or life support *Active euthanasia - a patient's death is hastened by treatments given or administered to the patient

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Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers' Brief
Legal arguments for the legalization of physician assisted suicide from the 1997 Supreme Court amicus brief by six philosophers.
BBC News - Euthanasia Special Report
Guide to end-of-life choice includes basic concepts, international laws, for and against perspectives, case studies, and news articles and audio.
Cornell University: Euthanasia: The Pleasures of Dying
An 1891 journal article by E. P. Buffet, M. D., asserting that death is painless and not to be feared.
The Ethical Debate
Chapter 5 from "When Death is Sought - Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in the Medical Context". A comprehensive historical and philosophical survey.
Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide - All sides
A thorough site with varying perspectives on the right to die, public opinion polls, and religious beliefs about hastened dying.
ProCon.org: Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?
Arguments for and against. Includes a timeline and polls.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Voluntary Euthanasia
A comprehensive entry with background information on the issue.
The Sydney Morning Herald - Euthanasia Debate
Articles about end-of-life choice campaigns and individuals who have hastened their deaths.
When Death is Sought
Includes the epidemiology of suicide, law, ethical debate, public policy, and caring for the severely ill. From the New York State Department of Health
San Francisco Chronicle - "Court hears suicide-law case; Appellate judges grill federal lawyer over strategy in Oregon"
The U.S. Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments in Oregon v. Ashcroft, the case contesting the Attorney General's attempted nullification of Oregon's physician assisted dying law. (May 08, 2003)

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