Education reform is mainly about changing 'traditional' educational practices or policies, presumably for the better. This may include changing teaching methods, administration, textbooks, schedules, curriculum, and grouping and promotion practices, for example. As time goes on, new issues come and go, but all would be considered 'education reform.' This category lists reports and research that evaluate the effects of various reform methods. You will also find data about traditional methods used to form the basis of reform proposals.
Balancing Accountability and Local Control
Identifies school takeover efforts that have seen some success including increased accountability, expanded flexibility, and more involved local officials and parents. [PDF]
The Decay Of Western Education
Articles describing the decay of education in western civilization in modern times.
The Delphi Technique.
What is that new process being used at public forums to reach consensus? This method is used by many educators to squeeze the public out of the reform process.
Farming the Permafrost: How Public Education Defeats Reform
An essay by Jonathan Marin, describing a unique political landscape created by the constituencies on both sides of education reform debates.
Franchise by Examination, Education and Intelligence
The nature of intelligence is examined in terms of education and heredity . The author proposes radical changes to law and education to further human social advance.
MDRC P-12 Education
Education research focused on programs with the potential to improve education outcomes for large numbers of low-income students.
Prisoners Of Time
Report of the U.S. National Education Commission on Time and Learning. Schools tend to structure the learning process according to time allotted, not the other way around. The Commission recommends various solutions to this problem.
Redesigning Public Education: The Kentucky Experience
A historical review of the origins and implementation of the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 (KERA).
Research for Action
A Philadelphia-based non-profit organization working in educational research and reform to insure opportunities and outcomes for all students.
Student Achievement and School Design
Two real schools whose outstanding standardized test scores are natural outgrowths of intentional curriculum and program design.
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