Education reform is mainly about changing 'traditional' educational practices or policies, presumably for the better. This may include changing teaching methods, administration, textbooks, schedules, curriculum, and grouping and promotion practices, for example. As time goes on, new issues come and go, but all would be considered 'education reform.' This category focuses on proposed reform to the curriculum used in public schools.
AKSES Writing System
A phonemic writing system ensuring that children read and write all words in their oral vocabularies by the first grade, and that adults use written English as easily as speech.
The Bridge Project
The project's goal is to improve opportunities for all students to enter and succeed in higher education by strengthening the alignment between higher education and K-12 curriculum standards and assessments.
Citizenship Curriculum
Advocating reform through citizenship education. Curriculum outline, with related commentary by the author.
Educational Research Analysts
They review public school textbooks from a conservative, Christian perspective. They show what's wrong and how to fix it.
International Center for Leadership in Education
Resources for sustained school reform. Our curriculum matrix produces rigorous and relevant education for all students.
MPS Arts
A school reform model utilizing arts integrated into core subjects to enhance student achievement. Originated with a grant from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University.
The National Right to Read Foundation
Their mission is to return to reading instruction which follows scientifically based reading research. This site is designed to provide assistance for those engaged in this effort.
Overcoming Obstacles
The Community for Education Foundation is a not-for-profit education reform organization bringing relevant skills instruction to young people through this program.
Project 2061
A long-term initiative to reform K-12 science education nationwide.
School Reform - A Mindful Approach
A program is presented for school reform which considers social priorities and mental development.
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