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The Beat Within
A publication of writing and art from inside juvenile hall.
Frontline: Juvenile Justice
PBS Frontline's examination of whether serious young offenders should go to the criminal justice system to be tried as adults, or be handled in the juvenile justice system.
Frontline: Little Criminals
PBS Frontline's report on the treatment of very young offenders.
Juvenile Prosecutors Are Not Criminal Prosecutors
An article arguing that the role of juvenile prosecutors is different from the role of criminal prosecutors.
Juveniles on Alabama's Death Row.
Information on juveniles on Alabama's death row, and an argument that juveniles should not be executed.
Juveniles Tried and Sentenced as Adults
Links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites dealing with whether juveniles should be tried and sentenced as adults.
National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice
Information arguing the mental health needs of youth in the juvenile justice system are not being met, and suggestions for how to better serve delinquent youth with mental health problems.
The National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice
Information arguing that minors with disabilities are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system, and suggestions on how to properly handle such cases.
The W. Haywood Burns Institute
National organization working to reduce overrepresentation of youth of color in the juvenile justice system.
CYA Goes to Reform School
Article explaining the reforms the California Youth Authority is undertaking following a court settlement, and explaining why California is adopting a Missouri model for youth corrections. (December 30, 2004)
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