Stories about individuals being the victims of injustice and failure in the legal system in the United States. This category does not cover political prisoners.

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Anderson, Terry
serving a 30 year sentence on a non-violent conspiracy drug charge.
Basich vs. Tirone
Case number EC027543, a case of criminal and judicial injustice. Neighbor sues neighbor for one million dollars.
The Case For Innocence
Examines why inmates remain in prison despite DNA evidence that exonerates them.
Computer Crime?
Ongoing legal case of how Randal Schwartz noted author and consultant became a triple felon for doing his job at Intel.
Greater Things: Kerry Ross Boren is Guilty
Incarcerated screenwriter and historian author has worked for 17 years from behind bars.
Hired Gun
Dying man killed by bounty hunters for $125.00 Read Dave's story. Killed in own home for missing court date on misdemeanor!
I Want Justice! Webring
Webring joining members who have been wrongfully convicted or experienced corrupt activities in the courts.
In Forma Pauperis
Carpenter Alan Joseph Samson documents his seventeen year battle against illegal activities in San Diego
The Jame Weddell Story
Serving eighty years for getting caught in the crossfire of gang violence on his reservation in South Dakota.Proclaims his innocence.
The Jeffrey MacDonald Case
History, commentary and information on the current status of the MacDonald murder case, including frequent updates, summary, news archives, and case facts.
John Thompson's Story
His life changed forever when he was wrongfully accused of two unrelated New Orleans crimes.
Justice: Denied - The Magazine For The Wrongly Convicted
Published monthly, dedicated to bringing you the stories of innocents who have been wrongly convicted in America.
Mercy for Cindy/Justice Denied
Plea for mercy for Cindy Countess who has been convicted of second degree murder in Virginia. Raises mental and legal issues in Countess' defense and requests legal and medical help.
Nicholas Yarris
Arguing that a wrongful conviction resulted in Yarris being on Pennsylvania's Death Row since 1982.
No Struggle,No Evidence,No Case
Calvin Solet, Jr. was wrongly accused and convicted in Houma, Louisiana of first degree murder.
The Truth About Our Injustice
One woman's story about her husband's unjust imprisonment.
Why is Keith Maydak in Jail?
Currently imprisoned in a federal penitentiary for crimes that he claims he did not commit. A story of coverup by AT&T and the United States Government.
The Wrong Carlos
Resources on the case of Carlos DeLuna, executed in 1989 in Texas.Companion site of a book.
A Wrongful Murder Conviction in Tennessee
The story of a man wrongfully convicted of First Degree Murder in 1983. He seeks sincere assistance to clear his name and to regain his freedom.
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