This category covers sites that are aimed at keeping religion and government separate entities. It includes sites that want to keep the government from regulating, controlling, preferring, or discriminating against religion in general, and specific religions, and also sites that are for keeping religion and it's influences out of the government.

Related categories 1 - Myths about Church/State Separation
Many common myths about the separation of church and state are explained and refuted. Includes misconceptions about court decisions, school prayer, and the US Constitution.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Founded in 1947, AU brings together Americans of many faiths and political viewpoints to defend church-state separation.
Anti-Defamation League: Religious Freedom
News headlines, position papers, and other resources on issues such as the separation of church and state, the Istook Amendment, and religious freedom in the workplace.
Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
Includes mission statement, issues, weblog and events calendar, as well as information about supporting bodies and links to resources about church-state separation.
First Amendment, à la Carte: Freedom of Religion is Freedom From!
Lists several news events that raise the church-state issue, asks if government should be involved in religious affairs, and comments on the US Constitution.
Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc.
National organization of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics) in Madison, Wisconsin, working to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of nontheists.
Liberty Magazine
Dedicated to the preservation of the separation of church and state with an emphasis on the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the US Constitution. Online version includes archived versions beginning with the May/June 1997 issue.
Secular Web, The - Separation of Church and State
Articles on Church / State separation from Secular Web Library.
Separation of Church and State - The Constitutional Principle
Discusses the legal, historical and political/social evidence in support of church-state separation.
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