From "The Creed of Christian Reconstruction", by Rev. Andrew Sandlin: "A Christian Reconstructionist is a Dominionist. He takes seriously the Bible's commands to the godly to take dominion in the earth. This is the goal of the gospel and the Great Commission. The Christian Reconstructionist believes the earth and all its fullness is the Lord's: that every area dominated by sin must be 'reconstructed' in terms of the Bible. This includes, first, the individual; second, the family; third, the church; and fourth, the wider society, including the state. The Christian Reconstructionist therefore believes fervently in Christian civilization. He firmly believes in the separation of church and state, but not the separation of the state or anything else from God. He is not a revolutionary; he does not believe in the militant, forced overthrow of human government. He has infinitely more powerful weapons than guns and bombs, he has the invincible Spirit of God, the infallible word of God, and the incomparable gospel of God, none of which can fail. "He presses the crown rights of the Lord Jesus Christ in every sphere, expecting eventual triumph." While the creed indicates nominal support of church-state separation, CR is placed in the Anti-Separation category because of its contention that civil law must be Biblically based. This category contains information on CR from both its supporters and opponents.

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Chalcedon Foundation
A Christian educational organization founded by Reconstruction's leading proponent, R.J. Rushdoony.
Christian Reconstruction: A Call for Reformation and Revival
An essay presenting the Reconstructionist view of how Christians are to relate to their culture, including civil government.
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