This category deals with the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents concerning their children. The focus is on the parental side of the relationship. The basis for these rights are set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The parental aspect in upholding children's rights under the convention is the central concept of this category. Similar rights of other family members and caregivers are also included. Problems with Child Protection Services and foster caregivers are also relevant, as are custody, guardianship and child support issues.

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American Family Advocacy Center
Supporting the sovereignty of the family over any government intervention.
Coalition for the Restoration of Parental Rights, Arkansas Chapter
Information for parents or guardians who are preparing to answer grandparents rights litigation in court. Information on how to be involoved the legislative process is also provided.
Family Rights Group
Established as a registered charity in 1974 to provide advice and support for families whose children are involved with social services. Works to improve the services received by these families.
A sponsored e-magazine for fathers with many father-related articles as well as links to forums, chat, e-mail newsletter plus related subjects including parenting, grandparenting, family relationships and issues.
Fight CPS And Win
Information, support, and reference links for people involved in legal battles against child welfare services: HHS, CPS, HRS, DHS, DCYS.
MATCH - Mothers Apart from Their Children
A volunteer support network of mothers who have been separated from their children by a variety of circumstances. Has contact information, aims and links.
Mothers Against Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Allegations
M.A.M.A. is a response to some false allegations of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). Claims parents are being wrongly deprived of custody of their children due to mis-diagnosis. Has contact details, opinion, links to related articles.
Pale Horse Publishing
Books on divorce and custody issues. Has bibliography, abstracts and tables of contents, on-line purchasing.
Search Mothers: Mothers Rights
Directory of links related to child custody, child support, and other mothers' rights issues.
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