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Baby Sitters and Shaken Baby Syndrome
A slide show presentation to educate the viewer on how to find a better babysitter. Interviewing, evaluating and training the babysitter on how to work with your child.
Brittney: Shaken Baby Survivor
Story of a child who survived abuse in daycare. Newspaper articles, photographs, mother's victim impact statement, and links to sites about other cases.
Canadian Medical Association: Shaken Baby Syndrome in Canada
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of hospital cases can be found in this research paper.
Don't Shake the Baby
Report of a study where new mothers given an information card about how to soothe babies, and the dangers of shaking them, reported that they would be less likely to shake a crying baby.
National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome
Resources, conference information, speaker listings, prevention programs and materials. Located in Ogden, Utah.
SBS Central
The Child Abuse Prevention Network provides an in-depth resource on an especially difficult area in the field of child abuse -- Shaken Baby Syndrome. Resources available is SBS Conference information and list servers related to SBS.
Shaken Baby Syndrome
An Australian site with information and informative links regarding SBS.
Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense
Discusses the possible causes of the symptoms other than abuse, the difficulty of establishing the time of head injuries, and other controversies. Written by a criminal defense attorney specializing in these child abuse cases.
Shaken Baby Task Force
Coping strategies, anger management, and prevention techniques are offered along with a hotline and other resources.
Shaken Baby Syndrome: Rotational Cranial Injuries
Technical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Symptoms, methods of diagnosis, other abusive injuries often seen in the same patients, incidence, clinical management, and recommendations for prevention measures. (July 01, 2001)
Abusive Head Trauma: The Relationship of Perpetrators to their Victims
Abusers are usually men, most often fathers of the baby or boyfriends of the mother. Female babysitters are also responsible for many cases. Abstract of article published in the journal Pediatrics. (February 01, 1995)
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