Sites about alleged unethical or illegal conduct by discount store franchise Wal-Mart.

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Blog Against the Wal
A weblog designed to spread the anti Wal-Mart message through the internet.
The Huge Class Action Sex Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart
Professor Anthony J. Sebok examines the issue of whether the discrimination suit against the retailer should proceed as a class action.
Making Change at Walmart
Wal-Mart's impact on local ways of living: small businesses, people who know what they are selling, community relationships that all vanish when Wal-Mart moves in.
Wal-Mart Litigation Project
Tracks information about litigation involving Wal-mart, and provides support services to attorneys who have already sued Wal-Mart.
WalMart Class
Sex discrimination lawsuit alleging denial of advancement and training, lower wages, sexually hostile work environment and retaliation.
WalMart is Bad for Business
An educator and activist worries about the effect of Wal-Mart on the economy, workers, taxpayers, the environment, and National Public Radio.
Complaint site.
Why Britain Can't Afford Wal-Mart
"Andy Rowell explains why Wal-Mart's much trumpeted arrival in Britain is likely to spell disaster for local communities." [The Ecologist]
Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs [PDF]
UC Berkeley study finds that use of safety net programs by Wal-Mart workers in California is higher than average for the retail industry. [PDF] (August 01, 2004)
NPR : Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott on Being on Top
NPR's Tavis Smiley talks with Wal-Mart president and CEO Lee Scott about the benefits of being a top Fortune 500 company and the problems that come with the prestige. [13-minute Realaudio streaming broadcast] (March 31, 2004)
NPR : Slate's Michael Kinsley: Wal-Mart Love-Hate
Slate founding editor Michael Kinsley shares his thoughts with NPR's Alex Chadwick about the retailing behemoth Wal-Mart, and how a company that generates so much antagonism can be so successful. [5:14 Realaudio streaming broadcast] (December 31, 2003)
NPR : Wal-Mart Prices Put Onus on Suppliers
Wal-Mart's low prices place severe demands on the discount chain's suppliers, according to a magazine report. A demand to cut prices 5 percent every year has forced some suppliers into bankruptcy and prompted others to shut down American factories for cheaper labor abroad. Hear NPR's Scott Simon and Charles Fishman of Fast Company magazine. [9-minute Realaudio streaming broadcast] (December 27, 2003)
The Wal-Mart You Don't Know
Fast Company looks at Wal-Mart's pricing practices and their sometimes devastating pressures it exerts on the companies it does business with. (December 01, 2003)
The Wal-Mart Effect
A three-part series from the Los Angeles Times profiling the retail giant and its business practices. [Free registration required to view this content] (November 01, 2003)
Wal-Mart Censorship
Examines the issue of company's cultural censorship of rock and rap CDs by artists like Marilyn Manson, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Sheryl Crow. [MetroActive] (January 09, 1997)
When Wal-Mart Comes to Town
Inc. Magazine's article about how a small Maine town reacted to Wal-Mart's opening three stores in the area. (July 01, 1993)
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