Complaints about the British advertising company Phorm.
Provides information and suggested solutions to web users and website owners to block their information from the Phorm system, including a Firefox extension.
No Deep Packet Inspection
A campaign against the clickstream analysis used by Phorm and other similar advertising networks.
Blog providing news and tracking companies connected with Phorm's system and trials thereof.
Blog providing news and tracking companies connected with Phorm's system and trials thereof. [Atom]
The Register: The Phorm files
Links to articles published by The Register covering developments in the Phorm system and activism against it.
Wikipedia: Phorm
Encyclopedia article about the company and its proposed services.
BBC News: Home Office 'Colluded with Phorm'
The Home Office is accused of collaborating with online ad system Phorm on "informal guidance" over whether the service broke UK law. (April 28, 2009)
BBC News: EC Starts Legal Action on Phorm
The European Commission begins legal action over the way online advertising technology Phorm has been tested in the UK. (April 14, 2009)
The Open Rights Group: Call for Major Websites to opt out of Phorm
An open letter, sent to the Chief Privacy Officers at major websites calling for them to protect their users by preventing data sent to their users being profiled. (March 22, 2009)
BBC News: UK Government Responds on Phorm
A controversial ad-serving system can be rolled out in the UK but only under strict guidelines, says the government. (September 16, 2008)
BBC News: UK Questioned on Online Ad System
The UK government has been given a month to respond to EU concerns over Phorm. (August 06, 2008)
The Phorm "Webwise" System - A Legal Analysis
Paper by Nicholas Bohm, in which he argues that the proposed system is likely to fall foul of data interception, privacy, data protection, and fraud laws in the UK. [PDF] (April 23, 2008)
Light Blue Touchpaper: The Phorm "Webwise" System
Blog post by Richard Clayton giving his views on the system following a meeting with Phorm officials. (April 04, 2008)
The Phorm "Webwise" System
Paper by Richard Clayton, providing technical details of the proposed system following a meeting with Phorm engineers. [PDF] (April 04, 2008)
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