Sites about alleged unethical or illegal conduct by software company Microsoft Corporation.

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Appraising Microsoft
Official site of the Appraising Microsoft conferences headed by Ralph Nader and James Love.
MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites
Indexes more than 250 anti-Ms links and forums: a comprehensive directory of anti-Microsoft activity around the Internet and around the world.
WebRing: Anti-Microsoft
Sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.
The Register: OS Expiration
Expiring OSes? Check the Windows 'best before' dates. (October 02, 2001)
SecurityFocus: Microsoft Cookies jump Domains
Privacy advocates laud Microsoft for Internet Explorer's new cookie-controls, while the company tries out a new scheme for tracking web surfers across domains. (September 14, 2000)
Microsoft quietly shadows Web surfers across MSN sites
Days after acknowledging a privacy problem with its browser, Microsoft says its privacy policy does not say how it identifies people who travel across its network of Web sites. [CNet] (September 13, 2000)
MSN Cookie Data Crosses Domains
How Microsoft web sites like HotMail and MSNBC assign unique ID numbers in cookies, and shares that ID with other web tracking sites. (September 03, 2000)
Does Issuing Passports Make Microsoft a Country?
Am I the only one who is terrified about Microsoft Passport? It seems to me like a fairly blatant attempt to build the world's largest, richest consumer database, and then make fabulous profits mining it. (July 26, 2000)
Microsoft's Stock Options As Tax Loopholes
Rob Landley of Motley Fool argues that Microsoft's size and methods allow it tactics to make money without even selling software. (February 17, 2000)
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