Ezula.com makes a plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer that replaces text within web pages with links to advertisers' sites. Many webmasters have objected to links specifically featuring their competitors; others have more general objections based on the perceived integrity of their work after it has been infiltrated by links which they have not reviewed, or have reviewed and disapproved.
Information to help users and webmasters identify when Top Text is installed.
geek/talk Forums at GeekVillage
Discussion about the eZula TopText defacement in the context of copyright violation.
Information and resources primarily for webmasters who wish to fight unethical contextual advertising.
TrafficG Yellow and Green Link Killer
Provides script to disable Top Text and Surf+. Documents source code alterations made by these programs.
You got the yellow linking Virus?
Gives information on how to remove/unistall TopText, and links to other more detailed resources.
c|net Tech News: Chorus of Gator critics grows
Article on Interactive Advertising Bureau's possible regulatory complaint over Gator's ad insertion. Also discusses Top Text and the effort against it. (August 27, 2001)
San Diego Daily Transcript: 'Poachware' Routes Computer Users To Alternate Web Sites
Article about anti-competitive involuntary hyperlinks being placed by Top Text (aka ContextPro). (August 27, 2001)
Associate Programs Newsletter: How to stop Scumware from defacing your website
Explains how Top Text and similar programs can negatively affect income streams, particularly for sites that use affiliate programs. (August 23, 2001)
COTSE: You may have heard of Microsoft Smart Tags, but have you seen Ezula and Surf+?
A webmaster's editorial accusing TopText and Intelsoft International's Surf+ of theft, false advertising, and deceptive self-promotion. (August 02, 2001)
c|net Tech News: Peer-to-peer exchanges court advertisers
Article describing the financial arrangements, briefly mentioning the controversy. (August 02, 2001)
Slashdot: Don't Eat the Yellow Links
Web owners upset by changed content; describes an "opt-out" procedure. (July 31, 2001)
Mystery links: New Web advertising tool gets results, draws criticism
San Francisco Chronicle: mentions concerns about the ethics of covert advertising, and commercial firms outraged by links to competitors' sites. (July 30, 2001)
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