Sites about alleged unethical or illegal conduct by the Coca-Cola Corporation.

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Accused of Leaving Farms Parched and Land Poisoned
Coca-Cola in India faces criticism for various environmental damages. [Guardian]
Coca-Cola Boycott Launched after Killings at Colombian Plants
Trade unions around the world are alleging that the company's locally owned bottlers in Colombia used illegal paramilitary groups to intimidate, threaten and kill its workers. [Guardian]
Coke Deal Could Make Schools Target of Suits
Seattle School Board warned that it might become the target of an anti-obesity lawsuit for allowing schools to peddle soda to students. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter]
Critics Attack Coke's BBC Chart Deal
"...Coca-Cola is certain to face accusations of hypocrisy after recent declarations that it would stop advertising to the under-12s." [Guardian]
India Resource Center: Coke Campaign
Campaign site for community struggles against Coca-Cola in India.
NOW with Bill Moyers - Response from Coca-Cola India
Claims that the groundwater water shortage is due to lack of normal rainfall.
Pediatric Dentists Accused of Selling Out to Coke
"...The grant will make the AAPD a captive of Coca-Cola, making it extremely unlikely that the AAPD will take positions antagonistic to the company..."
Coke Pays Off Whistleblower
Coca-Cola knowingly sold contaminated drinks to its customers and had rigged a marketing test in order to increase sales were some of the allegations. [BBC] (October 08, 2003)
Coke, Pepsi Feel the Heat in Kerala
Companies are charged with depleting water level ('exploitation of water resources') in Kerala villages. [Rediff] (May 23, 2003)
Coke Paints the Himalayas Red
"India's Supreme Court has asked Coca-Cola and Pepsi to explain why their logos are painted on the Himalaya mountains." [BBC] (August 15, 2002)
Coke Sued Over Death Squad Claims
The world's largest soft drink maker is being sued over allegations that it employed right-wing death squads in Colombia. [BBC] (July 30, 2001)
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