Sites about alleged unethical conduct by accounting firm Arthur Andersen (also known as Andersen), such as misstatement of accounts or its conviction for obstruction of justice.

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Andersen Faces Another Trial
"The audit firm - still embroiled in the Enron affair - goes on trial for allegedly failing to spot one of its clients was defrauding investors." By David Schepp. [BBC News]
The Andersen Trial At-a-Glance
BBC News Online looks at the events which ended in one of the world's leading accounting firms being convicted for obstructing justice.
Andersen Trial Starts with a Bang
"The courtroom - not lawyers - steal the show during the first day of the Arthur Andersen trial, thanks to construction and other distractions." [BBC News]
Bush Bars Andersen
"Arthur Andersen which is still reeling from an indictment for obstruction of justice, was yesterday barred from working with the US government."
Indictment (U.S. v. Arthur Andersen, LLP)
Text of the indictment against Andersen.
Labour's Arthur Andersen Links
"Accountants Andersen and former sister company Accenture helped develop many of the key elements of New Labour's best known policies." [BBC News]
Q&A: Andersen in Court
BBC News Online examines how the once highly-respected accounting giant fell from grace.
Top Accountant Fined $7M
"Arthur Andersen is fined after a US watchdog claimed the firm had betrayed shareholders by filing misleading accounts." [BBC News]
Dobbs Questions Andersen Indictment
"The federal government has indicted Arthur Andersen -- the entire accounting firm with 85,000 employees worldwide -- on a single count of obstruction of justice." By Lou Dobbs. [CNN] (March 19, 2002)
Andersen Indictment and Consequences
"The U.S. government charged Andersen with a single count of obstruction of justice, saying the firm destroyed 'tons of paper' and deleted huge numbers of computer files on its audits of Enron." By Dan Ackman. [Forbes] (March 15, 2002)
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