Industrial hemp is an agricultural product grown around the world for centuries, and is still grown today in many countries. Well known products in history made from industrial hemp include fuel, food, and fiber. Hemp products were used for the first drafts of the US Declaration of Independence, Gutenberg and King James Bibles, the first American flags and Levi's Jeans, canvas for sails on ships, and medicines. More recent applications include health foods, birdseed, low pollution bio-diesels and methanol, environmentally friendly inks, paints, paper, clothes, jewelry, plastics, and building materials.

When marijuana was banned in the US, industrial hemp (which cannot get you high at all) was included in the ban, at the behest of oil, chemical, cotton, and lumber companies who simply see hemp as a competitor. The last state in the United States to have legal hemp growing was Wisconsin in 1957.

This category is for sites discussing the status of industrial hemp, its uses and potential, and its future.

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Vote Hemp
Registers voters online, educates about Industrial Hemp, provides online voter guide, and sends email Action Alerts.
Acts of the 1999-2000 Vermont Legislature - Vermont J.R.S. 98
Text of the Vermont joint resolution urging the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Congress to reconsider federal policies that restrict the cultivation and marketing of Industrial Hemp and related products.
ATF Policy for beverage alcohol products made with hemp or hemp components
ATF News, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
The Boston Hemp Co-op's Digital Library And Museum
Features historical documents, photos and information.
The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance / Alliance Commerciale Canadienne du Chanvre
A non-profit national group of hemp processors, marketers, farmers, and information specialists.
The Colorado Hemp Production Act of 1995
by Thomas J. Ballanco. Published in: University of Colorado Law Review, Volume 66, Issue 4 (1995).
Encyclopaedia Britannica - 1856 Edition - Hemp
An objective 19th century description of hemp, its origins, and imports to the UK from a time before it was made illegal in the United States.
Funded Research - USDA Record
An economic analysis of the market for Industrial Hemp. University of Vermont.
Funded Research - USDA Record
Alternative crops in North Dakota. Among the study topics is : Assess the market potential for hemp production.
Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America
The single most useful page on hemp on the Internet. By Ernest Small and David Marcus. Reprinted from: Trends in new crops and new uses. 2002. p. 284–326. J. Janick and A. Whipkey (eds.). ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. Paper also available as a PDF download.
Industrial Hemp Movement Growing
An article by the National Drug Strategy Network, an anti-drug organization, showing industrial hemp in a positive light, implicitly supporting it
International Hemp Association
Non-profit organization based in the Netherlands that is dedicated to the advancement of Cannabis through the dissemination of information.
NAIHC Position Paper - Separating the Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Issues
A clear, well written paper on legalizing Industrial Hemp.
North American Industrial Hemp Council
The comprehensive information source for the North American hemp industry. Learn all about industrial hemp and its many uses. Banning the growing of this product is like banning both corn and cotton.
Sioux fight Feds, this time over hemp
By Jon Bonné, Today News.
Trace THC standards for shelled hempseed and hemp oil.
Tom Hemp
Running commentary on hemp news around the world and all things related to hemp.
Vermont State Auditor - Cannabis Eradication Report
Final report written by Edward S. Flanagan, State Auditor. Report finds that a large percentage of cannabis eradicated is feral hemp.
Hempsters Go to Washington
By Mari Kane, North Bay Bohemian. (October 24, 2002)
Ky. House backs hemp research - Bill OK'd to explore future of crop
Associated Press story, The Cincinnati Enquirer. (February 15, 2001)
The Drug War Comes to the Rez
When Alex White Plume planted a field full of industrial-grade hemp, he hoped that his crop might lift his family and community out of poverty. Then the DEA came to Pine Ridge. By Leora Broydo, Mother Jones. (February 13, 2001)
Some see profit in Hawaii hemp
By Malia Zimmerman, PBN Staff Reporter. Pacific Business News (Honolulu). (July 09, 1999)
Hemp ban lifted
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News. (February 26, 1998)
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