Whales are ocean dwelling creatures that have been taken advantage of and hunted close to extinction. Many species have a population of fewer than 300 left throughout the world. This category lists websites dedicated to saving whales. Many sites provide information about steps citizens can take to make a difference and help save the whales.

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Alaska Whales
Provides information on research and general information about humpback whales, gray whales, killer whales, northern right whales, bowhead whales, and minke whales.
American Cetacean Society
The oldest whale conservation group in the world devoted to education in the field of cetacean research and includes whale adventures, fact sheets, newsletters, journals, and adoption programs.
Blue Voice
Working to save dolphin and whale species and offers the latest up-to-date news on whales, and dolphins.
Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center
Monitors the types of species that come to the area and studies their feeding, migration and breeding habits.
Center for Biological Diversity - Killer Whale
Offers information on the petition filed to list Puget Sound killer whales as an endangered species.
Center for Coastal Studies
Educating in the coastal and marine environments, humpback whales, right whales, cape cod, and Stellwagen Bank, includes whale rescue, and research.
Center for Whale Research
Founded to promote, conduct, and support benign research on cetaceans.
Center for Whale Research: Orcas
Provides information on research, videos, sounds, and field logistics.
Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit
Dedicated to the understanding, welfare, and protection of cetaceans. Includes rescue network, educational work, research activities, and how you can help.
Cetacean Society International home page
Works for the protection of cetaceans worldwide.
FundaciĆ³n Cethus
A non-government, non-profit organization, with objectives fixed on investigation, divulgation and conservation of cetaceans. Site is available in both English and Spanish.
Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
This sanctuary was established to protect the humpback whales. Includes news and events, weather, education, and research.
Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
Aims to educate the public about whales and dolphins, includes information on research, education, and conservation.
International Marine Mammal Project
Works to make oceans safe for marine mammals worldwide by including take-action alerts, campaigns, and membership.
Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
Dedicated to the conservation, research and better understanding of whales. Includes cetacean news, sightings, stranding news, events, and research.
The Marine Connection
Includes rescues, latest news, campaigns, special events, adoption, education, and information.
Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC)
Rescues and releases marine mammals and sea turtles.
Ocean Alliance
Dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment, includes useful information on whales and research.
Oceanic Society
Conducts whale watch, participatory research projects, and natural history expeditions for the public.
Its purpose is long-term study of the orcas which inhabit this area, and evaluation of human impacts on them.
Safe Passing
Includes a detailed mission to stop the Makah whale hunt and other whale saving missions.
Save The Whales
Includes action alerts, Makah updates, research, adopt a whale, captivity, and marine mammal inventory.
SoundNet - The Newsletter of The Oceania Project
Includes current news, action alerts, information and research.
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Dedicated to understanding and conserving marine mammals. Provides information on research, education, mammal rescue, rehabilitation, and release.
Whale and Dolphin Conservation
Provides information about how you can help whales, projects and campaigns, publications, sightings and strandings, species guide, and whale watching.
Whale Rescue Team
Dedicated to the rescue and protection of marine mammals. Includes information on projects and campaigns. California, USA.
The Whaleman Foundation
Provides information on how to help stop the gray whale hunt, Japanese whaling, and deadly sonar.
Whales Alive
A non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and celebration of whales, includes how you can help, conservation issues, photographs, and whale watching information.
Wild Whales
A resource web site for the cetaceans. It focuses on humpback and killer whale research, as well as conservation and habitat stewardship.
NYTimes.com - Angry Japan Lashes Out After Defeat on Whaling
During a five-day meeting of the International Whaling Commission, the Japanese delegation did not get its way and retaliated by working to deny Arctic natives in Alaska and Russia their traditional whale-hunting quotas. [Requires free NYTimes.com registration to view.] (May 26, 2002)

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