This category lists sites that deal in some way with horse welfare issues - those that ensure horses are used, cared for and managed in the most humane way possible, according to their physical, behavioural and emotional requirements.

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Australian Horse Industry Council
Official information on horse health and welfare issues from Australia's peak industry body. Includes a horse emergency contact database (HECD) in case of natural disasters and exotic equine disease outbreaks.
Being taken for a ride
Very comprehensive and well researched factsheet from Animal Aid examining all aspects of the use of horse-drawn vehicles for tourism, with emphasis on the horse welfare issues involved.
Benefits of horse urine
June, 2002 story from the Australian ABC TV program Landline on a humane, free-range method of PMU farming, in which urine is collected from pregnant mares for the production of oestrogens and related hormones for the pharmaceutical industry.
The Bitless Bridle
Informative site on a new type of bitless bridle which is more humane and effective than a hackamore or bosal. Includes scientific articles on the pathophysiology and behavioural problems caused by bits.
Bitless Equitation
The benefits of the bitless bridle. FAQs, action pages, user testimonials and online sales.
Emergency Euthanasia
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine article on when to make the euthanasia decision and how to carry it out as humanely and quickly as possible in the absence of a veterinarian.
Equine Charities
This non-profit website is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of 501(c)3 Equine rescues, rehabs and adoption programs across the US.
Equine Production and Performance (USDA 1997)
Discussion papers on horse welfare issues including soring, competition injuries, transport and slaughter, carriage horses, premarin farms, feral horse control, also highlights care and management practices detrimental to welfare.
EquiSearch - Equine Rescue and Welfare Issues
Read real-life experiences and solutions, as well as information about the professional organizations to call on for help in cases of equine abuse and neglect.
The Home of Rest for Horses
The Charity looks after up to 120 retired horses, ponies and donkeys from all walks of life including the police, army and Riding for the Disabled. Also provides equine welfare grants. Chilterns, Buckinghamshire.
Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society
Founded and run by Donna Ewing, HARPS focuses on rescue, rehabilitation, education, and legislation to protect horses and other hooved animals in the United States. Based in Barrington, Illinois. Emailed newsletter and online horse care resources.
Horse Behaviour and Psychology: Welfare
Defines "welfare" and "well-being" and presents the welfare code of the New Zealand Equine Federation. Highlights welfare contraventions inherent to intensive management practices, particularly in the racing industry.
Horse Learning and Behaviour
Non-invasive scientific research into the thinking and learning abilities of horses, also public education based on this research to improve horse welfare.
Horse Slaughter
Political action committee which promotes the protection of US horses against slaughter for human consumption abroad. Member list, alerts on relevant legislation, and information on how to join.
Horse Ulcer
Story from the Australian ABC TV program Catalyst on the high incidence of gastric ulcers in racehorses and pinpoints lack of roughage as the main cause of this serious welfare problem. Veterinarians Dr Leanne Beggs and Dr John Walker are interviewed.
North American Equine Ranching Information Council
NAERIC represents ranchers involved in the collection of pregnant mares' urine (PMU). Presents a positive slant to the Premarin debate, including that the horses are managed according to strict welfare guidelines.
Premarin and PMU Info Page
Contains information about the treatment of horses on the PMU farms where pregnant mares urine is collected for the production of Premarin.
Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land
SHADH provides care for abandoned and abused donkeys and mules and works to raise awareness and develop education programs to reduce the cruel treatment of these animals throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
The Swedish Animal Welfare Society for Horses
Outlines the many different ways this society works to improve the welfare of horses - educates horse owners and offers support where necessary, assists and advises authorities, operates shelter facilities.
Training Mythunderstandings
Ongoing series of training articles from Meredith Manor showing how using horse logic rather than human logic achieves an improved end result while also promoting better equine welfare.
Traumatised horses
Case studies from Herdword on the successful rehabilitation of mentally stressed, psychologically damaged, emotionally disturbed and physically injured horses.
What is Natural Hoofcare?
Describes a natural system of hoofcare which extends to the whole horse, including no stabling or rugging. The method advocated by Dr Hiltrud Strasser allows horses to perform barefoot in any discipline to their welfare advantage. Strasser books for sale and links to related sites.
World Horse Welfare
Provides education and training programs to improve horse welfare in the developing world, also operates rehabilitation and rehoming centres in the UK for abused equines.

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