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Chicken Feed
Extensive international resource guide to natural chicken feeding, including a mailing forum. Site motto: Health Before Profit.
Information, photos and videos about the treatment of hens at ISE-America, an egg supplier with facilities in multiple states. From Compassion Over Killing.
The Cyberactivist
A weblog from a former worker in a Tyson chicken processing plant, where he documents in bloody detail how chickens are killed, and what he finally did about it.
Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary
Sanctuary plus activist organization working to eliminate chicken and livestock farming. Maryland, USA.
Provides an in-depth report on animal suffering in the egg industry, as well as photos, videos, and a guide to what egg labels mean.
Gourmet Cruelty
Coalition dedicated to exposing the cruelty of the foie gras industry. Includes photo gallery, video clips and news. Based in Washington, DC, USA.
Meet the Animals: Chickens
Contains pictures, videos, and information about the animal suffering, human health hazards, worker exploitation, and environmental destruction caused by the poultry industry. From the Farm Sanctuary organization.
PETA: KFCCruelty
Presents the view that there is cruelty and abuse of chickens by KFC's suppliers and supports a vegan lifestyle.
RSPCA: Broiler Chicken Suffering
Reports and educates about what happens to the birds who provide the UK with the nation's most popular meat. Online petition, press ad, commercial, and resources for activism.
United Poultry Concerns
Activist group that campaigns against cruelty to chickens and other domestic fowl. Site features action alerts, resource articles, merchandise and membership. Virginia, US.
Wegmans Cruelty
A half hour documentary about the conditions inside Wegmans Egg Farm located in Wolcott, NY, USA. Free download is allowed.
BBC - EU Bans of Battery Hen Cages
The European Union voted to ban battery hen cages across Europe, starting in 2009. (January 28, 1999)
BBC - Shoppers Duped in Egg Con
Claims that UK consumers are unwittingly buying hundreds of thousands of battery produced eggs, believing they have come from free-range hens. (January 21, 1998)

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