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Animal Deaths in Europe: Of Cows and Madness
A cultural mythologist's look at underlying themes driving the untimely deaths of hundreds of thousands of slaughtered animals, mostly in England.
Animal Liberty
Seeking the development of an animal liberation charter to be presented to world leaders.
Animal Rights
Includes information on fur, hunting, testing, pets, spaying/neutering, cruelty-free shopping and related campaigns.
Animal Rights Counterculture
Original, freely-distributable animal rights songs, stories and other artistic works. Contributions are welcome.
The Animal Rights Experience
A weblog about living cruelty free, how to get the message out, and documenting attempts to get people to change.
Animal Rights Experience
Personal experience in working with animal rights. Include Vegan Recipes and calls to action.
Articles about animal rights and veganism.
AnimalRighter Blog
News, commentary, and action alerts on issues pertaining to animal rights, animal welfare, and veganism.
Artistic Living
Offers holistic and cruelty-free advice on living by an author and teacher devoted to creating a compassionate world.
Citizens Against Animal Cruelty
New York State grassroots organization dedicated to fighting animal cruelty and exploitation.
Coalette's Connection for Action
Focused on building a strong animal welfare activist network. Includes information about various animal welfare issues and related links.
Death By Auto, An Internet Documentary
Discusses the concerns we have over the number of wild and domestic animals killed on roads and highways because of our need to speed.
Online weblog about animal advocacy, action alerts, petitions, newsletters, and recipes.
For the Love of Animals
A site dedicated to animal rights and welfare with many petitions to sign and lots of information. Includes a pet safety section and a scavenger hunt.
Humane Mouse Trap
Provides alternative information on how to trap mice and rodents without killing them in a cruel manner.
Man's Best Friend Blog
Provides news animal rights and the environment including links and blogs to other sites that wish to make a difference in the world.
No More Monkey Business
Includes useful links and resources about great apes as well as monkeys.
Stephanie Hyde
Graphic photographs and images depicting animal abuse and neglect. Includes news and stories and how to help.
Teens Stopping Animal Testing (TSAT)
California teenagers dedicated to abolishing animal experimentation. California.
Think Differently About Sheep
Features animal rights issues concerning factory farming, animal abuse and exploitation. Discusses animal sentience, vegetarian and vegan issues.
Tomislava's Web Page
An introduction to animal rights. Offers links to useful resources on the web.
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