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Animal Alliance of Canada
Focuses on local, regional, national and international issues concerning the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans. AAC's Goal is to achieve long-term animal protection through public education and legislative advocacy.
Animal Justice Canada
Canadian registered charity dedicated to advancing public knowledge of animal practices and preventing the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws.
Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals
A non-profit society dedicated to stopping trapping cruelty and protecting fur-bearing animals. Opposition to Canada's commercial fur trade. Resources, photos and useful information.
Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals
Promoting the welfare of farm animals and the banning of sow stalls and battery cages in Canada.
Canadian Federation Of Humane Societies
National body comprised of animal welfare organizations and individuals whose purpose is to promote compassion and humane treatment of all animals. The only national organization working on behalf of humane societies and SPCAs in Canada.
Fauna Foundation
Focuses on 3 areas: The retirement of former biomedical research chimpanzees, the protection of neglected and abused farm and zoo animals, and projects to increase awareness about environmental issues.
Liberation BC
Vancouver-based animal rights group with grassroots outreach promoting animal rights and veganism.
Mercy for Animals
Animal rights organization based in Canada, primarily focusing on vegan advocacy.
Ottawa Animal Advocates (OAA)
A proactive, community based group focused on reducing animal suffering through public advocacy, table-top demonstrations, leafletting, letter-writing and networking with related organizations.
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada
Organization dedicated to ensuring the highest level of pet care attainable and a guarantee of a fair and equitable representation for all facets of the Canadian pet industry.
Voice for Animals Society
An animal rights organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada working on improving the lives of animals through direct action.
World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada
WSPA Canada is the Canadian arm of an international charity dedicated to raising the standards of animal welfare.
Zoocheck Canada Inc.
A national animal protection charity established to protect wildlife in captivity and in the wild. Importance placed on animals in captivity including zoo and performing animals.
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