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ACT Against Corvid Traps
Exposes the shooting industry's use of decoy birds in cruel Larsen traps and multi-traps to kill magpies, rooks, crows and jackdaws.
Animal Cruelty Investigation Group
Information on various types of hunting with dogs, events, leaflets and book sales. Mike Huskisson.
Cambridge Anti-Bloodsports Hunt Saboteurs
Local sabbing, plus staffing a stall outside the Guildhall on Saturdays, fundraising and maintaining the group vehicles. Cambridge.
The Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work
Information about the cruelty of digging out in hunting practices. Includes details on how to help.
Cruelty Exposed
News, information and other resources relating to stopping the fox hunt and other animal rights issues.
East Northants Hunt Saboteurs Association
Sabbing diary plus information on tactics and hunting. An HSA club operating mainly in Northamptonshire, but also Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Beds, and Bucks.
Guardian Unlimited: The Hunt Sabber's View
A member of the Hunt Saboteurs' Association describes a day's activity in Kent.
League Against Cruel Sports
LACS campaigns and lobbies politicians against hunting with hounds, shooting, falconry, snaring, hare coursing, terrier work and the Grand National horse race. Neutral on angling because different people take different positions on it. News and politics, events, wildlife sanctuary, membership information, online shop and job vacancies.
National Anti Snaring Campaign
Campaign site to ban snaring in the UK includes news, actions and the downloadable report 'The Case for a Ban on Snares' from The National Federation of Badger Groups. West Sussex.
North West Hunt Saboteurs Association
Fixture cards (most Saturdays), sabbing diary, information on the local hunts and hunting, press releases, Legal booklet and Tactics booklet (including coursing, shooting, angling, traps and snares). HSA club based in Manchester.
Reading Hunt Saboteurs
Site displays more attitude than info, but does list the hunts in the Berkshire area.
Real Countryside Alliance
Exposing the extremists behind fox hunting violence. Includes graphic images about the cruelty involved in bloodsports.
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