This category lists sites reflecting a pro-choice perspective, i.e., generally supporting access to human abortion in most or all circumstances. Subcategory of "Organizations" is designated for institutional entities. Subcategory of "Products and Services" is designated for sites primarily offering pro-choice merchandise and information services (does not include abortion services). ODP may not discriminate based on a site's creed. However, sites directly advocating violence lose their First Amendment protections and should not be listed.

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Pro-Choice Public Education Project
A collaboration of nearly 50 pro-choice organizations working together to reach, educate, and energize young people about choice.
The Aborted Contract and the Right to Life
Essay presenting the pros and cons of the abortion debate from the vantage point of social contract theory.
Abortion and Reason
Essay attempting to apply logic to the abortion question instead of emotion.
Abortion and Women's Reproductive Self-Determination
In-depth, extensive examination of the issue of abortion from religious, historical, scientific and moral/ethical perspectives.
Abortion Clinic Days
Stories of a counselor in an abortion clinic, with reflections on the threat to choice from recent political decisions.
Abortion Rights
Campaigning for legal reform and the provision of easily accessible, woman friendly, NHS funded abortion services in the UK.
Abortion: Teaching Why as Well as How
Medical educators offer their perspectives on the social and health benefits of abortion and the need for younger health care professionals to understand the importance of safe abortion.
Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program
A national program located at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, which acts as a resource to the academic community and the reproductive rights movement and makes links between the two.
Feminist Majority Foundation - National Clinic Access Project
Organization leads efforts to keep women's health clinics open in the face of violence and harassment by abortion opponents.
Feminist Women's Health Center
Description of abortion procedures, reasons why women seek abortion, personal abortion stories, FAQs.
Issue in Focus: Reproductive Rights
The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism presents news, action alerts, and views on abortion and related issues.
Partial Birth Abortion
An essay written by pro-choicers, describing how they view both sides of the issue.
Pro Abortion is Pro-Life; Anti-Abortion is Anti-Life
Includes essays, FAQ, links and a forum. Advocates that a child cannot acquire any rights until it is born.
Pro-Choice Northern Ireland
Pro-Choice discussion group focusing on the issue of abortion in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Reproductive Rights: Body Politic
The American Prospect's archive of political articles and debate supporting reproductive rights. From 2000 and onward.
Sydney's Abortion
Essay by teenager on why she had an abortion, information on procedures, facts, journal, plus stories and opinions from others.
Voice for Choice
Campaign for abortion on request throughout the United Kingdom. Web site has information about UK abortion law, news, and other information.
Wikipedia - Death of Savita Halappanavar
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia article about the woman in Ireland who died from a miscarriage at 17 weeks because the Catholic hospital refused to follow best medical practice.
New York Times - Bishops Sued Over Anti-Abortion Policies at Catholic Hospitals
The American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of a Michigan woman, is suing Catholic bishops, arguing that their anti-abortion guidelines to affiliated hospitals are leading to medical negligence. (December 02, 2013)
The Nation - Roe = Dred
George W. Bush's "strict constructionism" means overturning Roe v. Wade, says Katha Pollitt. (October 13, 2004)
Mother Jones - Pro Life, No Choice
Article by Pam Squyres explains how Catholic heath care chains are absorbing a growing number of small-town hospitals, leaving local women with nowhere to go for services from abortions to fertility treatments. (June 01, 2000)
Legalized Abortion and Crime
Paper in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, explores the possibility that legal abortion has contributed to dropping crime rates in the United States. (April 01, 2000)
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