Sites concerning wars and conflicts involving the United Kingdom, and England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland prior to 1801.

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The Battle of Winwaed, 655AD
An attempt to collate available information about the Battle of Winwaed (655AD), and derive its probable location. Winwaed marked the defeat of the last credible pagan force in England.
The Black Watch Archive
Dedicated to the history of Scotland's famous Black Watch regiment. Includes casualty rolls, descriptions of battles, badges and uniforms.
British Battles
Profiles the major battles fought on British soil, with accounts of the conflict, who was involved, and why the battle occurred.
Captain James Cook: The World's Explorer
site contains in-depth biography, images, news, discussion forum, FAQ.
John's Military History Tour of Britain
Includes panoramic photos and explanations of a number of military and naval sites, including battlefields, arsenals, dockyards, castles, and forts.
National Archives: Crimea to Korea
Web exhibition that describes how and why Britain was at war in the battles of Trafalgar (1805), Crimea (1854), Egypt (1882), D-Day (1944) and Korea (1951), using documents, pictures and text.
Officers Died
Details of British officers killed in various wars between 1750 and 1999.
Patrick O'Rourke
The brief memoirs of Patrick O'Rourke(1917-1996), one of the soldiers in the Royal Scots Grey.
Roll of Honour
Detailed information about war memorials and regiments within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Fenlands and Huntingdonshire. Includes photographs, regimental details and personal details of those who died.
Soldiers of the Queen
An online museum of authentic Victorian-era British military photographs.
Victoria Cross Awards Prior to WWI
The pre-WW I recipients of the highest decoration for valor and conspicuous gallantry given by the United Kingdom.
WebRing: British Military History
A collection of sites focusing on the 20th century including some with technical and chronological information.
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