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The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy
A comprehensive manual for learning, using, mastering and enjoying Morse code as a means of communication, by William G. Pierpont, N0HFF.
The Atlantic Cable
Image reproduction of a book by Bern Dibner, published by the Burndy Library.
The Aurora Borealis and the Telegraph
Essay on how solar flares crippled communications during the 19th century.
By Telegraph from England: The Queen's Message, The President's Reply
The first transatlantic telegraph message and reply. Sent August 12, 1858 between Queen Victoria and President Buchanan.
The Commercial Cable Company
History of the Commercial Cable Company and its Atlantic telegraph cables.
The Early History of Data Networks
The online (PDF) book by Gerard J. Holzman and Bjorn Pehrson with extensive information about the history of optical telegraphy.
The Electromagnetic Telegraph
A technical history of the 19th-century electromagnetic telegraph by Dr. James B. Calvert.
Events in Telecommunications History
A chronology of telecommunications history from the British Telecom Group archives.
Ezra Cornell: a Nineteenth-Century Life
An on-line exhibit from Cornell University Library that documents Ezra Cornell's involvement with the construction of the first telegraph lines in America.
Granville T. Woods
Biography of this African-American engineer and inventor, who developed and patented several inventions relating to telegraphy.
Historical Sketch of the Electric Telegraph
Full text of Alexander Jones. 1852 publication.
History of Teletype Development
Brief historical account of the printing telegraph system.
History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy
Traces the history of undersea cable communications, from the first telegraph cables used in 1850 to the fiber optic cables used today for the Internet.
The Joseph Henry Papers Project
Documenting the life of the revered American scientist who conducted pioneering work in electromagnetism. His unselfish genius helped bring about the inventions of the telegraph, electric motor, and telephone.
Knights of the Key.
Old time telegraphers tell their stories. Taken from early editions of Railroad Man's Magazine.
Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph
The entire 19th century book by Franklin Pope is viewable at this site. This was the standard reference book used by the U.S. Signal Service.
The homepage of ham radio operator, Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO. Resources for telegraph historians including the index of the 1894 book, "Telegraphers of Today." Also available is the index and information about the publication, "The N7CFO KeyLetter," a major resource for telegraph instrument collectors.
The Overland Telegraph
Essay describes the construction of the telegraph connecting Adelaide and the rest of Australia, through Darwin, with England in 1872.
The Railroad Telegrapher
Article by Jim Thompson, a retired San Francisco Railway telegrapher.
Samuel F. B. Morse Papers at the Library of Congress, 1791-1919
An online presentation comprising about 6,500 items that document Morse's career, including his invention of the electro-magnetic telegraph and participation in the development of telegraph systems used in the United States and abroad.
The Sparks Telegraph Key Review
An interactive historical and pictorial review of telegraph and wireless telegraph keys. Included is a comprehensive listing of the manufacturers actively building equipment and keys during the spark-era of radio.
Telegraph History
an assortment of articles that focus on U.S. telegraph history.
Thomas A. Edison Papers
Information and documents about Edison's life and career including his years as a telegrapher and inventions in the field of telegraphy.
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