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Alex den Ouden
Books, articles and consultancy on industrial archaeology and the history of technology, engineering and metallurgy. Text in Dutch and English.
The Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace
Written by the author of the original guide book, and including many details and fascinating facts and discoveries omitted from the guide book.
Building Big
A companion to the PBS series, the site explores the engineering principles, design challenges, and stories behind some of the most remarkable achievements in the history of building.
Early Stages of Soviet and American Radio Broadcasting
Article explores early radio broadcasting efforts by the United States and the Soviet Union.
The Engines of Our Ingenuity
Radio program that tells the story of how our culture is formed by human creativity. Features transcripts for every episode heard since the show's inception in 1988.
An online museum dedicated to world's fair history, architecture, and memorabilia.
Technology guide looking at the past, present and future of technology and gadgets.
Glass Works
The history of glassmaking in Canada. Descriptions and photographs range from a First Nations spear point to laboratory equipment.
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
Includes timelines and historical essays of the top 20.
History of Chinese Invention and Discovery
Chart of inventions and discoveries, with comparisons with their Western equivalents.
The History of Japanese Calculators
Describes the development of calculating machines beginning with an adaptation of the Chinese abacus called the soroban. Page includes background of developers and photos of early prototypes.
History of Mechanical Calculators
Covers the history of modern day adding devices from 1885 with the "Marconi Box" with rubber bands and wires to electrical motor driven machines of the 1940's. Discusses styles of computing throughout this period.
History of the IBM Typewriter
Timeline with images of each model
Inventions! Patents at NC State University
Patents developed by faculty at the university. Organized by departments.
It'll Never Work!
Negative comments about new scientific and technological ideas.
Lumber, Logging and Paper
An illustrated history of logging and sawmills in the US provided by Ed Sanders.
Medieval Technology Pages
Medieval technology and various inventions and developments involving everyday life in the Middle Ages.
Old scientific Instruments
Includes photos of astrolabes, , protractors, drawing tools, and book covers that were created from the 15th to 18th centuries. Includes general specifications of each item within a table chart.
Selected Resources: History of Science and Technology
Collection of links categorised by subject. Provided by the University of Minnesota.
South Western Electricity Historical Society (SWEHC)
Group is interested in electricity history and industrial archeology with particular reference to the supply, generation and distribution of electricity in the southwest area of England.
Time Warp
Digital archive of 20th century technology.
Totalizator History
The history of the invention of the world's first automatic totalizator in 1913 and its subsequent development. Mechanical computing on a commercial scale.
A Walk Through Time
An illustrated history of timekeeping from ancient times to the present, by NIST
Westinghouse Heritage
A timeline that shows the inventions created by the company over the years like the light bulb and household appliances. Included are information about the founder, George Westinghouse, and world events during those periods. Requires Quicktime plugin.
Henry VIII Stamped Out Industrial Revolution
Article in the Telegraph reporting that archaeologists have found evidence that Cistercian monks in Yorkshire were developing a prototype blast furnace when they were evicted by the king in 1538. (June 21, 2002)

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