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1492: An Ongoing Voyage
This Library of Congress exhibition examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600.
A. C. de Freitas & Co.
History of the de Freitas trading and shipping company in Hamburg.
Ancient Egyptian ships and boats
The development of Egyptian vessels in pharaonic times
Ancient Ships
An overview of the use of ships in ancient cultures. Most of the illustrations and iconography are from ancient artifacts and made by artisans of the time.
Axel's History of Ships
Presentations of ships and vessels from the Stone Age to the present day. Site in Swedish and English with drawings of a large number of vessels.
Cutty Sark
Famous tea clipper now moored at Greenwich, England. Features information on opening times, restoration, and history.
Doris1905 Herreshoff
Detail description of a sailing yacht designed by Nathanael Green Herreshoff (1905) by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company of Bristol, Rhode Island.
Duivendijk Shipping Pages
Photographs of commercial ships, tugs, fishing vessels, and warships from all over the world.
Dunbrody & The Spirit of Ireland
The reconstruction of a three masted barque.
Edwin Fox
Information on the efforts to relocate and restore the Edwin Fox, an 1853 Eastindiaman Immigrant and convict ship.
Enterprize: Melbourne's Tall Ship
Presents the organization, history, gallery, captain's logs, and ship's store.
Floating Dry Dock
Photos, drawings, plans and model kits of US warships past and present. Order products online.
General Botha S African Training Ship - Old Boys Association
Contact details with history, previous cadets, staff and photo-gallery of the South African Naval College.
Great Lakes Shipwreck File
Great Lakes maritime history, with an emphasis in shipwrecks. Includes a database of over 4,400 Great Lakes shipwrecks.
Great White Fleet Organization
Information about the United States Atlantic Battle Fleet, nicknamed the Great White Fleet, which in 1907 embarked on a journey to circumnavigate the globe.
History and Memories of the USNS Barrett
History, memories, stories and pictures this ship compiled by a former crewman.
HMS Belfast
Europe's last big gun armoured warship of World War II.
The HMS Cavalier Association
A site dedicated to the preservation of the ship HMS Cavalier.
Internet Naval History
Internet Naval History including World War's 1 and 2, and the Falklands.
The Livadia
Details of the construction in Scotland of a steam yacht for the Russian Tsar.
The Loss of the Fantome
A description of the events surrounding the loss of the sailing vessel, Fantome, during Hurricane Mitch,in October 1998.
Maritima & Mechanika
A model engineer's collection of antique small machine tools, information on model ships and maritime history, and small machine tools for sale.
A Maritime Anthology
An eclectic collection of various ocean liners and sundry historic vessels from the remotest of nations.
Mary Celeste
A brief description of the mysterious events surrounding the sailing ship, "Mary Celeste" and links to related sites for further investigation.
Matthew Site Home Page
A reconstruction of John Cabot's famous ship and its journey to Newfoundland 500 years ago. Visit Matthew Online. Includes as shop, a gallery, history and information.
Modern Ship Sizes - The Tiny Titanic
Compares ship sizes beginning with the Titanic to other ocean liners, some warships, and the giant tankers up to the largest ships afloat today.
MV Kalakala
Puget Sound ferry launched in 1935. Designed and built in the art deco "streamlined" style. An organization rescued the vessel which was being used as a cannery in Kodiak, Alaska.
North River Historic Ship Society
Information on this group dedicated to the protection, preservation and promotion of historic vessels in New York harbor. Includes ship histories and pictures.
Pamir memorial
Devoted to the memory of the german four-masted barque Pamir and her seamen. English, french and german versions.
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Home of three historic British warships: Henry VII's doomed flagship Mary Rose, Nelson's flagship HMS Victory, and the world's first iron battleship, HMS Warrior. Site also provides additional information about the Royal Naval Museum and Action Stations.
Royal War Ship Wasa
Picture galleries of one of Sweden's most beautiful 17th century ships. (1629)
S.S. Australis
The history of the Australis; including a picture gallery, Captain and crew section and the story of Chandris lines.
S.S. City of Milwaukee
Last traditional Great Lakes railroad car ferry permanently moored as a museum in Manistee, Michigan. Official site of the Society for the Preservation of the S.S. City of Milwaukee.
Sound of Jura
Provides historical information about the boat and the South African company that owned it from 1911 to 1919.
SS Canberra - The Crow's Nest
The retired P and O liner SS Canberra, and her home port of Southampton.
SS Catalina
Seeking to ensure the future security of the "Great White Steamer."
SS Central America
Documentary based on letters from passengers on the final voyage of the doomed gold liner (1857). Captain William Lewis Herndon. Survivor accounts. Ship lost to hurricane. Shipwreck recovery of gold.
SS Golden Gate
An account of the sinking of the SS Golden Gate off Manzanillo, Mexico on 27 July 1862, including a list of 338 passengers who were among the dead or the survivors.
SS Great Britain
The complete website for the history and restoration of the SS Great Britain held at Bristol Dock in England, updated regularly with progress reports on the restoration project.
SS Milwaukee Clipper
A 1905 ferry which travelled the Wisconsin - Michigan route
Steamboat Rowena
An up-todate research on the Steamboat Rowena of the Cumberland River, Kentucky, U.S.A. early 1900's complete with pictures. Safe for Kids, Educational.
Steve's SS Australis Travel Page
Celebrating the life and times aboard the Chandris Lines flagship SS Australis (formerly SS America) from 1966 to 1976.
T2 Tanker Page
T2 Tanker names, builders, and types.
Tall Ship La France
When construction is finished, this ship will be the largest of the worlds operating tall ships. A replica of a 1911 five-masted barque. Plans are to use the ship as a sail training ship and goodwill ambassador.
Tall Ship Picton Castle
180 foot three-masted barque. Homeport is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Member American Sail Training Association.
Circumnavigating the globe in a small sailing vessel.
Trois-m√Ęts Belem
Dedicated to the history of the French three master barque Belem (1896).
USS Arizona BB-39
History, technical pages, galleries, and resources.
USS Pennsylvania BB-38
Log book and awards.
Wilhelm Gustloff
Comprehensive information on the deadliest ship disaster in history and surrounding events, and includes galleries, stories, and resources.
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