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Age of Pirates
Includes articles and biographies of various famous pirates, pirate-themed games, and a pirate jokes.
News and articles of piracy in history and pop culture. Includes reviews of books, rum, and music.
Blackbeard: Most Terrifying Pirate
A biography of Blackbeard, or Edward Teach, and his adventures on the seas.
Brethren of the Coast
Various information about pirates, includes biographies, images and book lists.
Captian Tonz
A site about peiran pirates, personal piracy experience,female pirates, templar pirates.
Isle of Tortuga
Piracy at sea throughout history. Includes biographies and original documents.
Jolly Roger - Pirate History
Offers various flag images and biographies of the associated pirates.
Le Diable Volant
History of pirates in the Americas during the late 17th century - includes biographies and historical records. In French and English.
The New England Pirate Museum
Historical tour of piracy in 17th century New England. Educational packets available.
Piracy Watch
A look at the news and security issues surrounding acts of modern maritime piracy.
The Pirate's Realm
Learn about famous pirates, their ships, weapons, crew and travels.
Pirates - Fact and Legend
Offers many facts on pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Pirates and Privateers
Column that explores the history of pirates and privateers from ancient times to the present.
Pirates of The Bahamas
The official site of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Pirates of the Caribbean
A historical look at piracy in the Caribbean: biographies of famous pirates, guides to ships and weapons, definitions, and other historical information provided. Includes bibliography and related links.
Pirates, the Most Famous
Features biographies of various well known and less known pirates. Include some general information on the ships and period.
The Pyracy Pub
A forum for pirate enthusiasts and historical reenactors
Pirate history and nautical archeology - includes biographies of famous pirates, terminology, weapons and a variety of related historical information. [Warning: full-screen browser resize]
The UnMuseum - The Golden Age of Piracy
Basic overview of the age - includes a few biographies.
The Way of the Pirates
Information about famous pirates, piracy throughout history, details about pirate life and fiction.

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