Sites and pages devoted to Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) and William Clark (1770-1838). Commanders of an overland expedition to the Pacific Ocean (1804-1806).

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PBS Online: Lewis and Clark
Companion site to the Ken Burns film, 'Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.' Information on the explorers, expedition journals, trip timeline and maps, interviews with historical experts, an overview of Native American tribes, and classroom lessons.
Discovering Lewis and Clark
Interactive workshop providing an overview of the journey of Lewis and Clark, including journal excerpts.
Following the Voyage of Discovery
A few historical FAQs, with an expedition map.
Jefferson's Secret Message Regarding the Lewis & Clark Expedition
Letter asking Congress for money to fund the expedition.
Lewis and Clark
National Geographic's expedition gallery, with references.
Lewis and Clark and the Revealing of America
Library of Congress online exhibition of navigation maps. Includes a virtual tour format.
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Expedition paintings and summary, with an annotated subject bibliography.
Lewis and Clark Trail
Historical account of the Corps of Discovery along the Lewis and Clark Trail. Includes an events calendar, trail properties, and trail treasures.
Lewis and Clark: A Journey
Full text of the first official account of the expedition. Includes maps and other resources.
National Geographic: Lewis and Clark
Includes an interactive journey log, maps, historical photos, drawings, a timeline, and details of their discoveries.
NPR : Hidden Treasures: Lewis and Clark's Map
In 1806, over a camp fire and food, Nez Perce Indian chiefs made a map for William Clark showing a short and safe journey through the Rockies. Harriet Baskas reports on this recently rediscovered rare Indian map. Part of the Hidden Treasures Radio Project. [5:42 Realaudio broadcast] (March 19, 2004)
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