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1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Personal page of WWII veteran and POW, accounts of experiences as part of history as well as attempt to unit with other unit members.
B-24 Pilot: Southwest Pacific, 1945
L. O. Evans' letters to home with photos describing his stay in the Southwest Pacific. Includes recent audio interview with the tail gunner from his crew.
Bataan Death March: A Survivor's Story
Personal account of a veteran's World War II experiences on Bataan and Corregidor and the rigors of captivity inflicted by the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army.
Bellum Vobiscum - War Memoirs
Memoirs of a Polish civilian caught up in the War.
Buck's War
PFC Donald "Buck" Brener served in the U.S. Eight Army Division in World War II from late 1944 until the end of the war. Includes photos of Buck and his buddies and a short description of the Battle of the Huertgen Forest.
Bud Bridges' War Story
Biographical background and life as a P.O.W. in the German camp.
Capt. Norman J. Kleiss - Battle of Midway
A dive bomber pilot's personal recollections of the battle of Midway.
Gaston Eve et les Fran├žais Libres
A tank driver's journey from Africa to Hitler's Berghof with photos.
George A. Smith, 7th Division
Biography of George Allison Smith, U.S. Army, 7th Division, 49th Field Artillery Batallion.
HMS Glenroy
Personal account of petty officer John Priscott while serving from 1940 to 1941 in the Mediterranean theatre including photos.
Horrie the Wog-Dog
The diary of J.B. Moody, Private VX13091, tells the story of a dog's adventures with the men of the A.I.F. in Egypt, Greece, Crete, and Palestine.
Interview with Czech Ace Frantisek Perina
Transcript of a fighter pilot who fought for Czechoslovakia, France, and Great Britain.
The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson
Personal correspondence, regimental and personal documents, and galleries of photographs.
Luftwaffenhelfer in Hamburg
The story of a 16 year old Flakhelfer (anti-aircraft gunner) who served in a Flak-tower in Hamburg in 1944-45. Illustrated with pictures of the tower during the war and as it is today.
A Marine Diary: My Experiences On Guadalcanal
An eyewitness account of the Battle of Guadalcanal from one of the Marines who fought there.
Marine Ernest Ryan Baker
The personal story of Ernest Ryan Baker, who died on Iwo Jima during WWII.
Marthe Janssen-Leyder
Belgian secret army operative describes her secret life and work for her local resistance group, the 59th Brigade Geheim Leger.
Memoirs of World War II
A personal account of by Harold F. Plank who fought on many battlefronts including Pointe du Hoc on D-day and the Battle of the Bulge.
Olive and Eric, The Web Site
Interactive site featuring letters between a couple in England separated by the war.
Pearl Harbor Survivors
Stories of the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, memorials, and a message board.
Private Art: WWII Letters To and From Home
A collection of letters written by Pvt. Arthur Pranger, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, during WWII.
Ralph Stobart Robson: Life in the British Royal Navy
Eye witness account of the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse by Ralph Stobart Robson, Signalman in the British Royal Navy.
An RCAF Pilot's Story
Memoir of a Canadian Coastal Command pilot involved is anti-shipping and anti-submarine warfare. Also includes action photos of U-Boats sunk and the one that got away.
Recollections of Lloyd H Bunting Jr
Memoir including description of a B-24 combat mission to Palau in June 1944.
Recollections of WWII
Brief descriptions of small-press memoirs about WWII with pointers on where to find copies.
The Second World War Experience Centre
Second World War material for study and remembrance, especially personal experiences in the form of diaries, letters, and recorded interviews of those in the armed forces and at home.
Secrets and my recollections of World War II
This document contains the World War II memories of Gardner L. Friedlander.
A Soldier's Journal
Selected entries and general description of the personal journal of U.S. Army Sergeant David Rothbart of the 4th Infantry Division in the European Campaign during World War II.
Stories of a B-17 Pilot during WWII
Dedicated to the B-17 "Squawkin Chicken". The author Dewayne Bennett, flew as a pilot the 8th Air Force, 384th Bomb Group, 545th Squadron.
Teen Age Air Warrior
Documents compiled by Eugene H. Hall, a B-17 ball turret gunner in the 401st Bomb Group.
Trevor Allen
A former Martin B-26 Marauder crew member presents his stories and correspondence between him and B-26 crews based in England and the Pacific Theater.
Tribute to Thomas McNabb
A site to pay tribute to Thomas McNabb, JR., F2 USS Indianapolis, CA35, LAS July 30, 1945.
Tusgegee Airmen of WWII
A salute with history and original photos of the famous "Red Tails", Tusgegee Airmen of WWII in Italy.
USMC Peleliu Combat
Tribute to Patrick L. Finelli, a USMC WWII veteran who served at Peleliu, Yap and Ulithi with an underwater demolition team. Includes first-person narrative of wartime experiences and links to general information about Peleliu.
USS Velocity
In memory of Eugene E. Eaton. Includes his journal about life aboard the USS Velocity, letters home from navy boot camp, crew rosters, and brief description of three vessels on which he served.
Viewing War From the Nose
B-17 navigator's memoir. Includes photos.
Walter McElvain's Letters from World War II
Letters home from an American soldier describing his experiences in the Allied invasion of France and Germany.
Will S. Arnett - North Africa B-17 WWII Diary
War diary of Will S. Arnett in a B-17 in North Africa during the Second World War. Provides day to day log and roster.
William T. Paull
The memoirs of William T. Paull, USMC, in the Pacific Theater.
Women of World War II Red Cross Clubmobile
Includes letters, photographs and audio memories of the women of the American Red Cross Clubmobile "Geronimo".
World War II Combat Interviews: Battle of the Bulge
A collection of transcripts from after-action interviews with veterans who fought in the Ardennes Campaign (aka the Battle of the Bulge).
World War II Interview, 32nd Division, Red Arrow Division
Personal memories of Henry Brooks, a veteran of 32nd Division.
World War II Memoirs - 3rd Infantry Division
Official U.S Army Signal Corp photographs taken by Sgt. William Heller of the 3rd Signal Company during World War II.
World War II Oral History at
Includes a selection of first-hand accounts from veterans who fought in WWII.
World War II Stories - In Their Own Words
Aims to gather and preserve stories of ordinary people who experienced America's most turbulent period.

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