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Behind Japanese Lines in Burma
Retells the story of Detachment 101, which gathered intelligence, harassed the Japanese through guerrilla actions, identifyied targets for the Army Air Force to bomb, and rescued downed Allied airmen from April, 1942.
A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II
An overview of the war in Europe and the Pacific, including maps.
Declarations of a State of War with Japan, Germany, and Italy
Includes declarations of war, proclamations affecting enemy aliens, internment and radio speeches by President Franklin Roosevelt (The Avalon Project at Yale University Law School).
Greenland Censorship & WW2 APO's
Study of US military censorship on Greenland 1941-45. Unit, base and naval censor used by patrol cutters and shore bases. Includes Allied and German Operations in the Arctic Region.
A History of Victory Gardening
A multimedia presentation containing historical information about "Victory Gardening" efforts in support of the war.
The Information War in the Pacific, 1945
Documents the activities of the US Office of War Information and the role it played in the surrender of the Japanese empire.
Kodiak Alaska Military History
WWII and Cold War structures remaining on Kodiak Island explained.
Navajo Code Talkers
An account of the Navajo volunteers employed by the United States Marine Corps in communications security roles in the Pacific Theater during World War Two.
The OSS Society
The first organized effort to implement a centralized system of strategic intelligence, including a newsletter and event archive.
Shipyard Day Care Centers of World War II
Research project into the Kaiser Company's provision of shipyard child care centers for working mothers during the Second World War.
Tracing American Airborne's German Heritage
Examines the German roots of the United States' airborne units of World War Two.
U.S. Combat Medals of WWII
Description of American medals awarded for valor in WW II. Includes pictures and sample citations.
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