Sites providing autobiographical accounts of events in World War I.
Albert Edward Vinall
Extracts from the 1918 diary of Albert Vinall of the 32nd Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, covering his service on the Western Front.
Captain Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen [The Red Baron] - Air Warfare
An assessment of the Russians, French and English as written in The Red Battle Flyer.
Charles Bertram Spires
The diary of Bombardier Charles Spires of B Battery 103 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery for February 1917 to June 1918.
Cpl. Ivor Alexander Williams
The diary of Corporal Ivor Alexander Williams of the 21st Battalion, Australian Imperial Force for May 1915 to February 1919, covering his service at Gallipoli and on the Western Front.
The Diary of 2nd Lieut. Robert Peyton Hamilton - 1915
The diary of Lieutenant Robert Peyton Hamilton of the County of London Regiment for 1915, covering his service on the Western Front.
The diary of Captain John Robert Wilson
The diary of Captain John Wilson of the Royal Flying Corps for 1917, covering his service until his death on the Western Front.
Diary of Corporal Arthur W. Scherr
The diary of Corporal Arthur Scherr of the 107th Field Signal Battalion, Wisconsin National Guard for July 1917 to May 1919.
Diary of George A. Morrice
The diary of George Morrice of the 102nd Field Signal Corp, New York National Guard for March 1918 to April 1919.
Diary of Lt Victor Edward Borgonon
The diary of Lieutenant Victor Borgonon of the Suffolk Regiment for January 1918 to August 1919, covering his service in Salonika.
Diary of Midshipman N K Calder
The diary of Midshipman Calder of the Royal Australian Navy for January 1917 to December 1918.
Diary of William A Livergood
The diary of William A Livergood, of the US army, for September 1917 to September 1920.
Fighting the Flying Circus
A personal account of the air war written by Captain Edward (Eddie) Rickenbacker, a commander of the US 94th "Hat-in-the-Ring" Squadron and the first American "ace".
First World War - Christmas Truce
The diary of Sergeant Brookes of the County of London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles) for June 1914 to December 1915, covering his service on the Western Front.
Fred Garrett's War Diary
The diary of Sergeant Fred Garrett of the 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment, Australian Imperial Force, for May 1915 to December 1916, covering his service at Gallipoli.
George Ludovic Alexander - World War One Diary
The diary of Lieutenant George Alexander of the U.S. Army Ordnance Department for May 1917 to July 1919.
The Glory of the Trenches
A first-hand, patriotic look at trench warfare, trying to show that there was more than bad conditions and horrors. By Coningsby Dawson
Gordon Van Kleeck
The diary of Private Gordon Van Kleeck of the 51st Pioneer Infantry, American Expeditionary Force for July 1918 to June 1919, covering his service on the Western Front.
Grandpa's World War I Diary
The diary of Private Nathaniel "Nat" Rouse of the 42nd Division/Fighting 69th, American Expeditionary Force for 1918, covering his service on the Western Front.
Grandpa's World War I Service
Letters written from April 1917 to December 1918 by Harvey Williams, a US military ambulance driver in France and Italy.
The Great War
Diary of Galen Hunt, which includes information on the German use of poison gas at Marne, France.
The Great War Diary
The diary of Lance Corporal/Sapper William Lycett of the 4th Field Ambulance and 15th Light Railway Operating Company, Australian Imperial Force, for 1914 to 1918.
High Adventure
A personal account of the air war written by James Hall, who served in the Lafayette Escadrille and the US 94th Squadron.
Letters Home from the War
Letters written from August 1917 to July 1918 by Lloyd Maywood Staley of the 137th U.S. Infantry.
Lucky Charlie
The memoirs of Sergeant Charles Leo Boucher of the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division, American Expeditionary Force. [PDF]
Mark's War
The diary of Mark Foreman of the Royal Fusiliers, for October 1916 to May 1917.
Memoirs and Diaries
A collection of writings by soldiers and nurses.
Memories if World War I
The diary of Josef Sramek of the Austrian army, covering his captivity in Serbia, Albania, Italy and France from 1914 to 1916.
Memories of Forty-Eight Years Service
A personal account of service during the Zulu War, the Boer War and World War One, written by General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien.
An Old Contemptibles Diary 1914 - 1915
The diary of British soldier Arthur Castle for August 1914 to May 1915, covering his service on the Western Front.
Over The Top
The experiences of Arthur Guy Empey, an american who served in the British army.
Paul Rademacher's Diary
The diary of Paul Rademacher of the 310th Engineers, American North Russia Expeditionary Force for July 1918 to August 1919, covering his service in Russia.
Personal Diary of William Harrison Walp
The diary of Sergeant William Walp of the 6th Regiment Coast Artillery, American Expeditionary Force, for July 1917 to July 1918.
Postcards from the Front
A collection from the Western Front by Albert Chapman of the 27th Field Ambulance, RAMC with extracts from the official unit War Diary.
Private Donald Fraser - Canadian Expeditionary Force
Selections from My Daily Journal, 1915-1916.
The Red Fighter Pilot
A personal account of the air war written by Captain Manfred von Richthofen, the legendary "Red Baron".
Robert Lindsay Mackay's First World War Diary
The diary of Robert Mackay, of the 11th Batallion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, for 1916 to 1918.
S. B. Butler's AEF Scrapbook
The wartime scrapbook of Captain Butler of the 301st Supply train, American Expeditionary Force.
A Soldier's Diary
The diary of Bugler Benjamin Cruzan of the 341st Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Force for December 1917 to June 1919.
Thomas Fredrick Littler - First World War Diaries
Diaries (1914-1919), collection of WWI cartoon and photographic postcards, family photographs, and links.
Walter H. Lockard - World War I Letters
1918-1919 letters written home by US sergeant Walter Lockard to his family during his tour in France during World War One.
War Diaries of the First World War
Database containing digitised War Diaries of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) units.
The War Diary of George Culpitt - Royal Welch Fusiliers
The diary of Private George Culpitt of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers, for 1916 to 1918.
WWI Diary
The diary of Joseph J. Jones of the Fighting 69th Rainbow Division, American Expeditionary Force for November 1917 to April 1919, covering his service on the Western Front.
A Yankee In the Trenches
Account of an american who joined the British army in 1916. First published in 1918.

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