Sites relating to personalities involved with World War I.

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Admiral Reinhard Scheer
Family information and military career of Admiral Scheer of the Imperial German Navy.
Central Powers
Short biographies of political and military leaders of the Central Powers.
A Dedication to a British Hero - Sergeant William Gregg
The story of Sergeant William Gregg of the Rifle Brigade, covering his service on the Western Front.
Eddie Rickenbacker
A short biography of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, commander of the US 94th "Hat-in-the-Ring" Squadron.
For King and Empire: Canada's Soldiers in the Great War
A collection of stories, diaries and letters concerning Canadian soldiers.
Funkhouser Brothers
The story of brothers Paul Taylor Funkhouser and Albert Craig Funkhouser, who both served and died with the American Expeditionary Force.
A Group Photograph - Before, Now, and In-between
The stories of 50 officers of the 8th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, linked by a group portrait from 1915.
Leon "Jack" Tachauer - His War
The story of Leon Tachauer of the Hampshire Regiment.
Major John George Brew - The Road to War
The story of Major John George Brew, of the 9th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, covering his service in France from 1914 to 1918.
Military Commanders
Short biographies of military commanders.
Over There
The story of Sergeant Claude Harmon Wakefield of the 55th Sanitary Squad, American Expeditionary Force.
Political Leaders
Short biographies of British and Allied political leaders.
Remembering the Sounds of my Grandfather's Footsteps
The story of Corporal Guy Edington and the US Army Coast Artillery Corps and Ordnance Department in World War I.
Short biographies of individual soldiers.
The Story of James Henry Begent
The story of Jim Begent of the Royal Naval Division, including his service in Belgium and escape from a POW camp.
Trenches on the Web - Biographies Index
Biographies and photographs of prominent figures, including royalty, political leaders, generals, and military heroes.
War Heroes
Short biographies of selected war heroes.
Who's Who
Biographies and photographs of prominent figures, including royalty, political leaders, generals and military heroes.
Women and War
Short biographies of prominent women, including nurses, administrators and writers.

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